Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The megrim weather!

Already chilliest winter! It's awful,it just doesn't seems fair.We can console ourselves all we like that we need winter for the film festivals and blogging? the rain for regrowth but you don't know what we get these days??

Today my golf days but the last three days we have has rains non stopped and this morning I noticed in the weather news 30 centimetres of snow is likely to fall across the alpine resorts (from my home about three hours drive)before the weekend.
Only 5 degrees to 12 degrees,that make me feel like wanting to just snuggle under the blanket again...

The snow will come just in the time at blanket field before the official start to the snow season the Queen's birthday long weekend which some of my friends are really delight in the news I used go with them but I can't ski well.

I guess it could be worse, well keep jogging in the blogs land.
I don't feel like eating out today though after back from my holidays:-)
hope I can comments at my friends space which I have has problems in past few days.

Dear Karrie, thank you for your kind comments but I can't open yours and even my comments place which I tried left for you. Hope fully I can visit you soon.