Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A helpful people!

We hope that his and her love of family great sense of fun and cheeky smile help in making a happy time for you. I just though,"How gorgeous is that?

Anything meaningful that people did was good and mode a difference. People brought photos. Close friends gave us an angel statue, while others brought ROSES. People shouldn't  underestimate the value of the words they write.


Saying or doing nothing is the worst thing you can do It's not like it would open up old wounds it's never too late to make contact.if someone wrote to us now. seven years later. it's not like it would open up old wounds. This is our life.                                                                                                                                                          

Friday, February 22, 2013

Silly Gloop Cartoon!.

Now you're telling me I need to hold down one shift key and press there other keys to get them shown on the screen? I just hope this isn't a prehistoric keyboard!

Yes miss Jones, the dog ate my assiduous. Oh boy! It's been ages since I said that still no one believe that one!


I went see at Paul Cotsomitis at yesterday and he start  for same color in my teeth.....

I going to my teeth 13th March and 24th April and  finish all my teeth.!

Yvette...Morgan....Rose  My family!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

So much to doing!

I went the dentist to my teeth and my Eye's doctor to  have gotten so sensitive there past dew days that make my felling for after two days will be nice to one day I can stop for going to see the any doctor....
My new teeth for as same color that I was going to the implants place.

The summer time has hot day it most of time when I playing golfing time is too hot with me...
I like to an interest  in the weather and people are now more take car of them self too.  

                                          I just enjoy at the beach ....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I screw up myself!

I walk myself like block for used to be many years but after I had sick for over one years.
which I had sick for over one years. starting to hurt ind  I was in shock myself. and I had no idea what I was realistic that (I didn't even know what had happened my life I never really cried for me self  until decade later)
but I would find myself  crying most then was appropriate for other people I hardly knew other way in the my emotions all over the people and media emotions all over the peoples.
I would have questioned my choices and not I cant in private to avoid accountability.

The big question is what I do other written the excuses  written down delete the ridiculous  one's.
Maybe this is where I am always going wrong my most likely to fail the I want it all and I want it now mentality of always looking for the short cat to reach a goal.
                                          Millie and jack has send me a beautiful present!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

My started I've been I discover (11-2-2006)

I was great surprise at recently on  Featuring My MSN space.  I started July 2005.
Sponsored has open a world of new people for me to communicate with thank you for making his possible   gave me an encouragement by Volvo for life.
Michiko's space still outgoing Aussie who likes golf,gardening.( not too many friends anymore)
Dear   BETH.MARIE'S Little Bitty Space Between her grand-kids and photography  she is definitive  the happy of  spece life.

MSN spaces has open a would of new people for with BITH MARIE to communicate with thank you  for making her possible  and gave me an encouragement.

I've been away for New Zealand a weeks. When I got home I'd been working hard to trying to vist me friends.
Spaces there I discover that something had been happening  in my space?

I found it very slow and I just can get to my friends spaces, When I wrote my comments then click on to leaving my comments that is was unbelievable just stuck for a long times.
I 've time to make a cup of tea? well I guesses for everybody so, wait see..

As you know while I'm in New Zealand that after an engagement party we were looking for the wedding places for looking..One day we look for nine places and some places are already book out for this time of next years.
They want to celebrate on top of hills with beautiful view down to the lakes. It is calm day.
These time they has two children now and very happy times.