Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Holiday!

I feelt Dogs and Cats are  feel a good Christmas  Presents I am very happy for your having fun time Gypsy and Katie san!
In many ways I prefer they can be for more restful a staycation they can be more restful.
Think about who has called today my partner or kid...Yep, they re with me on my holiday.
we went to enjoy our food more then take the time to make each meal a memorable moment after that we might only drink peppermint tea from our favourite striped mug because it tastes better that way.
I had we've got relaxing to do Jo and optimism and humorun and wonderful time one last tip make the most of our time together when the kids are prepared to spring time there's  better way to chilled    



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Present Tense.

The Celebration of Christmas is OR perhaps should be- about much more than the giving and receiving of gifts. Religious or not. Christmas is primarily a time for family and friends. for making home rather then work a priority,for gathering to share food and stories,and for hospitality to those who might otherwise be alone.

And yet,as we anticipate Christmas,it is other not those precious acts of love that are uppermost in our minds. but rather the risky or even perilous business of gift giving. we may feel very willing to give gifts,yet struggle with our concerns. Will our presents "work"?Will they adequately convey what we feel?

The more nervous we become about choosing gifts the easier it is to fall back on asking people what they want and then providing it

Those gifts may be given with great love also yet without evena dash of surprise, they are unlikely to make Christmas giving as special as it can be.
These are all simple gifts that speak volumes about appreciation as well as connection. It is those thoughtful expressions of love that count -all year round.

"The most successful gifts are those for which the twin elements of anticipation and surprise overtake all else.That takes far more imagination than money"
All over my friends are still working for another years.

                                           Andrew home at Christmas cards!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bye bye Sydney...

                      "I'am Torn by Christmas"
I with Andew's family on the one hand my perfact festive season leavis me bedazzled in every direction by,well. In recend years,however,I've come to realise this kind of Christmas...
Never mind As the Chritmas. They are going to New Zeland meet all family I really wish for wonderful time.   
I hope nice weather time for everybody! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas in Sydney

Today,  we had fun in Sydney with my grandchildren Millie & Jack and Vanessa & Andrew and of course Gypsy their Labrador.

We also had friends and family over for a BBQ and lots of fun times -- and yesterday we went to the beach. 

-- Michiko

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"The price of speaking out"

There are insane moral judgments that now make me cringe. In domestic matters,at least,I am learning to keep my counsel.

I admire those who can do that.Not the ones at the far end of the spectrum who slap on smiles and always say the right thing, drab in their complacency,but those who adopt the art of thinking before speaking, weighing up the consequences before diving in. "The volue of the pause".Buddhists call it.Silence is for cowards, others say. but is it?

The flowers has nice to me! A raining to much ...

I have learnt the hard way that there areconsequences to being candid.Although there is never malice on my part, I have copped it for speaking my mind.
One who speaks her mind.It might be risky- not everyone will love you- but it's the only way to generate a meoningful connection.Something not on offer if it 's all smiles and watching your wards.

To speak from the heart with empathy and compassion is a contribution,however small,to a more meaningful life. You don't leave much of a legacy by keeping Mum.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A good exercise!

I love the Summer! espially those beautiful,warm light early mornings, that's about the time that a lot of are walking.
I've always been a joggls, so I can talk from pelssonal experilnce.It makes me fell all warm and fuggy when I'm traching along side  people who are in some exercise space as me.
Jogging in a natural thing for us Home sapiens but like most things involving excise.
Similarly if I try to bend the heel of the upperdown towards the inner the heel of the upper down towards the inner sole and it collapres, Then it's good bye time!!
                                        Mind was only putting! next one stroke a very soon!  
My best player in the Putting days! 21-11-2013.