Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Sunday, December 20, 2015

younger children

All my children with beautiful Christmas time our memories that will always make me smill I know that both of know that I love them. grand Mum. I think it would have made life a lettle easier for me now.

When I've finished sponging scouring and staching.I'm allowed to sit back down and enjoy a few drinks not our champagne,but something someone also brought that has pleantly of sweet drink with Children  and  Gypsy too.

                                             Few days we had HOT weather's.
Love one!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Small talk

This was 19th January 2012 when I was General Tips-communicating progress to with Michiko.
General Tips. I was starting to my golfing a back.I had few plaing was good wining too.

Reduce backgrand noise and distractions.
Ensure Michiko is wearing her glasses if you are asking her to look/read/write.)
Alwys include her in the conversatio
Encourage and accept all attempts at communication. Check if both of you are talking about the same topic.

When you are listening.
Make sure you are looking at Michiko.
Allow her plenty of time to speak without pressue.
Encourage her to use gesture(facial expression/hand movements) or show you the items/question if appropriate.
Encourage Michiko to talk only when necessary.Encourage her when a correct phrase is produced.

When you are talking.
Make sure michiko can see your face.
Use simple words-avoid complicated words/descriptions"I'llbe going soon,but before I do I'll say goodbye"Say"By michiko'and use a gesture.
Allow her extra time to understand what is said.Don't rush.
try and ask questions that require a yes/no response.
Try drawing,writing and gesturing to add additional meaning to your spoken words.
Slowly repeat instructions or key words if you are concerned Michiko has not understood.

Theses progress to me has I'm so much appreciated Dear Williams & all my friends.
All BLOGS FRIENDS. Thank you so much it was so many years 19th -January 2012..2015.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Success.

The unbeerable tragedy of losing in one accident at such a few years ago made my heart ache, but my ability to emerge from the depts of despair with clarity of mind and keeps me active exercise with in all of my time in beauty life!

People who are really struggling with those behavioural difficlties, it must be really challengirg,so their struggle and give them something to blams. I hope they will be getting better soon to few my friend.

I've always wished I could be one of those I can cook complicated dinners for 5 people st the Japanies Christmas dinner four,and the highest number of different food stufts I'd managed to have ready to serve at the same time was three potatoes Chicken, cauliflower for what it worth!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sometimes on the Tv  show I feel so happy about love of the Argentinjsn's all dance. The really have fast and beautiful stilyle of dancing..Eyes make-up my good peffection was still those memories makes an confirmation reality.

The out door freak fast to wind-up the clean all of it was a great expenrience. The birdecd are and bird poop make a read mess! but then we love to watch the bired.

I have many wonderful people here I mast had here in few years, Some guys to help connect of face book I am glad be back in nature of the sounds of water falls strange birids were all around in my back yards.

                                  I have few nice day because no raining few the sunneday.

                                     My friens a all times I've chosen fairly advanced exerises.
                                     This positive out come fell days time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

One Day.

I was digging my garden, The flowel in the dirt. my elbow bent to avoud getting scratched by the thorns. on the rose beside me I paused as sun flowed across my back and it felt as had flowed past me. this is a interesting raining after noon now.I really glad that it happened.

                                                             The Rose flowers.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My two good friends!

Deepest sympathy in these sad days! my personality self -hatsed I ded want to destroy myself.I do care so much of few days. I felt so terrible of the day. but when I was plaing I actually felt easy for me. It was my one moment of relief. Thank you for my mind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Our Future,

Women probably worry disproportionally about what others think(I know I do) so I found it an inapiring read. Now, for the love of ...fritters, Bill granger shows us how to deep-fry in stylee, Plus,a new look page from Jamie Durie,
Full of home and garden tips to make life sweeter. excellent advice on helth and fitness,and I particultarly appreciate her simple recipes I have fried to stay reasonably fit all my life.

We have the raining most of every day It seemed to be imputant for me I need fix my good situation.
Frankly speaking every thing down my golfing!

                                                            All Japanes golfing  ladys.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Life time!

The second of anther years just a bit still hards it the changes I wants to see get in years and that too can make life more fulfiling. The good new's is that i still reavid in my home life as important my life and plaing golf.
I would like to said all my friends to Thank you very much with great helping me to How I can writtings my letters for all my frinds. Specialy in Dearest Ramblong. Mariette's. Miyako.Tamako. Mil Now after all thouse years realise that start change my life but never forget the smill. Boston Boy.

The last winter's time April not plaing golf now November I must plaing golf which I was I've stated a regular my golfing a couple of times a week,excellent a specific good to be suecessful good
golfes..So good wining back soon.

Mostly coudy -Light rain for weeks!     Not happy with me.
                                                       Hippeastrum a beautiful now!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Lives

I started my Blog as always make my hands that is so hard to do, just finished for the day and it is so relaxing here ..It's true I haven't been dealing with I has so much raught in my body with after cold winter time My emotion. It's life changing.
Today was one of those day becautiful October's deep blue sky,  Happy's Gorgeous day!

                                                                         Millie, Jack!                                                                            
I have pray good life and I enjoy the I'm so amagzed! I hope all my friend are in great health and wish everybody so much love and happiness. I.m still plaing my golfing walks hards.....

Friday, October 16, 2015

I started my Blog in July 2005!

My new frind Marie helped me start my blog. She has thank for visiting my space I'am not fast in english so some times I can't express my whole feeling and thoughts to english as  so tricky and hard.

I had my life for terrible accident. for a few years my memory not 100%. But the few comments on my phototos I enjoy so much and I do start again writing my blog. Photos it's so easy but I didnt not too much I had worry is seems a long time.

Well never mind but I think fantastic my ways of using blog . I can sit inside and sit in frnt of the computer or use the mobile one's.The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.

Millie, Jack & their friend Elly

Gypsy & Millie

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Secret!

If you have ever had a secret that had just hate good on my mind,and heart..these is a reason why I was secret-keeping can negatively impact our wellbeing and scientists now believe that contession is that best option for our brains.

Theory suggests that as humans,We have a phychology need for relatedness and a need to form bonds with other people ,
Secrecy immediately pats a wall up between our relatedness with people. However, the revelation of a secret. A snared secret can be a good way at building trust between two people!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Her Memories!


                                                      Jack has few things he likes!

She was bit by a car's out side of her home.  I was before 13-1 2012 after and of 25th Xmas days,
last most of few things to improve on ask for leavn my numbers use outs chechout.
24-july I had an appointment, Everyone expencences hits time but obnormal of anxilly manifast in my riad ways debilitating panic. She was not feel like that anymore, so now I'm like Oh, It's always a bit twisty so enjoy the moment seize the day.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good Health.

I was eating trying to lots of vegies carrots celery and fish more then Meat. this sort of food of exercise puts pressure through the bones which is what makes them stronger. I'am a walk run of cycle three time a week for least four houres a my body in my golfing.
I want my dreams to come true in mylife. I do decide to make my home. life as impotant in my ways hoperfull in my love life too.....

                                             A wondrous summer Heaven scent pink flowers!

                                                                      Simplicity Lavender

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Age of Anxiety!

Women feel like they have to do everything or the wheels will fall off" says huntley 'Australian women are notoniously bad of asking for help.They feel over whelmed and need to retreat into themselves. One woman said Sometimes I wish I could have a car accident where I'm not seriously injured but just enough to go to hospital for a couple of days to be left alone.
Anxiely sufferes,such as chloe!

This sense of powerlessness among women,particularly mothers,is not new. The world was spinning and I couldn't speak properly. It's feeling of dread and tightening in the chest i just snapped. It was absolutely terrifying!    Generation anxiety!      

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Chance.

I was kind of feeling out of time and out of style my golf I get the biggest to natural importance started at simple when I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, over the five month I feell coldin the morning for me,
Melborne weather was expeected my settle down carefull my golfing..just different lots of interesting How I'm settled down to be five month ago..I leally hope so.
Why I did not in winter's time because of my get cold weether So many frinds has been a lest of winters time.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My exercise.

I'am quite fit and exercise five to six time a week.However I have always had chunky thinghs..
We all do it checking out our bodies, Limit mt food intake on just one day each week.
Three boy's friends right one's my son's 4 years.

                                                      When George was 15 years!
                                                 He will has from children's next Sunday Father's Day!          

I'am quite fasting if I sit in front of a computer for hours.each day or are redntary,I'm probably going to find if elatively easy o skip meals..

Eat a light breakfast of frust or yoghurt a lunch of salad and a dinner of soup or white fish and vegetables. Andrew Millie!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The game I love!

Oh! What a dreadful front nine I reached the turn even the front of not quit I was few yaeds I picked up the ball nobody can do it any better to have a fine golfing?  A few flower's!!

But todays are so much I guess I was disappointed but I has two ball for me ...
I know preety would my wonderful golf for many month to come trying my very best on each stroke the shots that are in the brilliant things to come....
Still bad weather days. I'am not writting in here only LOVE with MY friends DAYS!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cold Winter!

The lady works exercise with in the morning that gatecrashed her sensibilitien while she had need to walking and get on easy time a good mix of resistance weights keep it up.

Jeans with more then half of the more women interviewed turning to our trusty denims on a blue day. .
Beauty is it could be the teste of new season days the feel of Sunlight.

                                                                      Jack & Millie!

                                                                         Right back yard.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miserable Weather!

My regular exercise of my age is nothing short of inspirational personally I like to exercise on an empty stomach but it's winter and golfing on whiech makes I'am lot braver then me.

So I get that keeping warm in an issul, Eating breakfast before exercising wouldn't necessarily warm me up. Some one said if I drank a coffee the coffeire would increase the blood flow to my skin which may be why you felt warmer.

It comes down to personal comfort really I'd ratker keep warm by ..It was a mislrable day.
A lots of the time it feels like I sitting around my home not much doing but wating Golf  in TV.
I feel like to walking is generally good for maimtaing mental health warding off disease and explains the flowers are will be bright soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life matters

I say to myself something of sometimes I have I spend to much worrying about too many things because we also need a break from our normal daily..stressful days. I don't want sweet foods to form past of my diet.

I 've always my exercising out side because I hate weather wind cold rainning all the days it's been 30 years of the golfing of exercise, but I'm sure, it's shoster cold weather is not helping that dark time for me ...not today..

Some my good friend had beautiful painting An Ant show she was very happy with husband too.
We playing good golfing for so many years and bloging for looking healthy life!
I still of my sport  completely out of mylife..
A feel people's so many years now that people have to believe it I stell my eys are fantastic to long away to see my golf bols. I had eating in the Japanese restrant!    

   This rose is a last month from outside my home.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Winter weather!

The rains years have taught me I sumply do not grow anything that did not survive when thing were really tough! However good or bad a situation is well change in miracles are wating for How many month ?
I love my food and love to cook simple food which in one of reasons I work hard to not get over wight. I had which Tennis was relative in the sport which reminds of especially these day.

That uncomfortable feeling of more staing home.It is getting chilly again the heating on to warm up the home. I think is going to be cold winter.

Last Augast summer's time NO Rain ..what so ever not happen and this winter's time the rainning most of time. nice to be other way around of raining..

Millie Jack with friends Five month ago  Millie's.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


When I playing golf with the competition I want to best other women at same way in  my club. I had spend placting .but I choose to live a healthing life this year I'm learing to create other few my frind and some lady's are change their habit it doesn't matte...

If other do it differently-what will help me to is all that count my good life I had Vitamin D3 for one every day my docter's told me yesterday I had so happy day.
my health exercise relaxation accomplisment organisation and relationsships my familys.

I has beautiful spease...lovey one there to my golfing a little one too...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Break habits

Today's it is so relaxing with my blog as always that is so good to do, but winter's time I am not well..
My golfing continus to head from my brain injuny? my strerstal as a lot of things are going on at once.
That is becoming more difficult to find.  I began to make changes from new habits.
my body and avoiding the foods that made me making me feel good.

I have put a few comments on my photos I enjoyed so much somethings it is not what
camera clieks so much as what the photogra pehas sees through in camera.

                                                        Cold weather's all days!
                                                        Andrew & Jack & Millie


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Healthy FOOD.

The rlationship we havig became shockingly distorced into eating moore food not just volume.
Some of us have eation disorders-too much food ,or not enough food,
The natural balance of food as fuel has been disrupted.

You might need to drill down on what is motivating you to eat more food it's fine line beelween struggling though a world of "Disordered eating"and falling victim to developing on eating disorder our relves.

I always assumod I'd get some one who was a gentleman who was sporty and a good sence of fun.
Just thinking about better weather few days.Always strange for us to hear with BBQ time was good one. only few days. I know very will with remember my friends too.

It was todays! very cold 19" was with out sun's day...

      A beautiful evening ...what a lovely time we has still fantastic our good time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Smart Watch

My younger's girl was instead of an excetional school of exam time consuming process of idea tifying smart watches in an exam room.

Okey! I know exactly what hasn't happened here I'm looking to make some changes in mylife. But sometimes family members con be heavily invested in they not changing as doing so may interferl with their own life style.

We have health life it's everyone's responsibililty to be on top of that don't take my health for granted.

                       Honda Prelude  I has washing a few ours I had good idea!

                                                                Our sky's still darks....
                                                    Yvette's is school for more twe years.

                                                       Andrew & Mum in Japan few years ago.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

habits weather's

If I wan't competitive it will be great being able to do what I love walking had to all the time.
It was fantastic to when I was wining a golfers days.

I'am easily frustrated Especially in situation bad weather's When I'am doing something that makes time with which I can't fully engage..Here though...

The super is always a few cents more than the regular I really love to watch TV.
I hate to be indoors this time of year in bad weather time.Most be in the winters time.

My younger's lady's and boy's are exams are not just about study habits.They're also about effective preparation. they need to be physically fit to play sports.

                                                                   Yvette and Morgan

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Holiday

I don't know why every one...That's nothing more complaint worth than our weather.
This cold snap hit I didn't wants spoil in the our home in Melbourne,
It did occur to me that is would take a lot more than 21 degrees to get an Aussie out in the park.
I was seeing port ofter port of hail and eain and exciamations of freegingners.
There's nothing more complaint worthy than
The forecasts of snow and hail photos of wet gumboots and broken umbrellas and winds crens I was expecting to come home to a snowstorm.

                               Climbing Roses and long lasting flowers in winter & spring time.

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Choose!

Well I spending more than I had increasingly indoors and our eyes have shifted to the computer screen... but nut too long time.

I had the bike for push the pedats with fitness for I had pedal to push down with one leg and pull up with the other my facus on knees up tols down of the best working heard.
I hope should be completely still my enogage explains in all my speedy good golf.

A still raining days..but TV on Tennis and golfing which of Especially these day in Australia.

The roses I has encourage strong flowering after we has bad weather in Sunmmares time.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Happy Life!

I got into the blog and more my exercise in my days with my friends what they do how they be fine most excellent of the wormen's health. Yesterday I had another special an excellent good day was my golfing...I know the better I feel the less likely for my body as well Yes also my brain needs time to warm up as will.

Sometime I had dinner with six friends these day my happened easly on the my life. I normary drive my car to the shopping where  I living in a suburb I lealy like mylife on here.
I love with my small gardening in my home..I hope we having a good weather's.
Except for I think of giving up I should seek good advice from a golf friends for so many few times.

My Gorgeous these day Thank you with all my friends!

My golfing was few things to be back in mylife!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I spend our days,

I didn't even know what had happened myLife..I would have questioned my choices and not I can't in private.. The big written the excuses written down delite the ridiculaus one's..

Maybe I'am always likely too many raining of always ? Just like to be last summer's of  NO RAINING. I love my food and  Love to cook simple food which is oue of reasons not get over wieght.
A long luxurious afternoon nap..I plan afternoon naps the way after people has dinner parties or outings with friends,
I schedule them in. Switch off the phones. Give the kids strict instruction not disturb me and climb into bed, waking up in bed at my leisure on a Sunday afternoon is one of my greatest pleasures.
I hope I will has golfing todays...Lets hoping to nice ones.

                                                                      Only few days?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Healthy Life!

My life a healthy life our reliance on our excuses like, I'm just going to let everybody elso we had good exercise of golfing long time friends since the so many years,
Some day has I had Winner's! More ones a month it is not bad for me!

we has lestering to the rains all the time of fall against my window always gives me a peaceful feeling to fall a sleep by ... Few days raining for another so many days....

At I got more restrited in what I can wear soon in cold of snow.. still cold today,
What we let go round and round in our mind affect our feeling I hope I will have some peace.

Tomorrow and if thar's not attractive to othere, well, stuff'em It's how I feel about myself that really counts... mylife thusfar.

Hi Jack!
Wishing you all the best for a wonderful your days, and I still look forward to every minute that I see you wishins, You all the best happiness Jack!
Michiko Ba!                                                    

                                                     Jack at the schools his Borthday time!
Mum & Jack

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My own idea!

Similarly I work neally hard to keep I have to manage and I try o deal with them by taking my meds lating well and exercising,

So I have very little sympathy for people who suffer from preventable disorders,
If I can do it,why can't they? I know that I'm being judgmental and unfair and that if I was a little more evolved,
I woudn't judge anyone of all but in my detence, We are all judgmental in defferent ways..
My back yeard of the fence need to new strect fence hope fully soon...

I have paticularly a lots of beautiful garden in my home very soon after all the years time was no rains.
My golfing are still enjoy for me with all my friends.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm Planning!

I have planned this very thing,But i'm still trying ,I'm a procrastinator I put off today.
What I don't want to do because I'd rather be writhing/reading/playing on this internet..

I'm messy I'm disorganised. I'm frequently after my problems late. But I'm trying and I'm wriling lists and I'm keeping a more dates.. and determined to really,
Truly get my organised with my friends.

It is genuinely life-chaging, I cannot recommend in highly enough.
My golfing are still keeping up happy time with all my friends.

                                                         Jack & friend & Millie

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I have experienced negatine attitides but most people have been incredibly suppotive best of all!
I can enjoy the past of my golf life that is good for me. it's some thing fun I feel like had a longer break that nomal..I'm looking for?
I won the guest day R/u 25-3-2015 Linda -Michiko-and Sue- Lorine Total 124.
I hope to I can writting well more soon and english as stick not easy for me.

Our memories are preeiaous in mylife. I feet so glad that I was completely I feel so sen sational.
I don't have inspiration at the moment to write.

 Learn more about the gardining,what ever never so many years of no raining for let hope to more raining soon?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Express Myself.

This opportunity may turn out to be just what I'd have been hoping for...I'll find that it anlarges in just the way I had hoped? I'm the kind of person who,if something  great comes through,
It like"Oh WOW Yes I've always wanted to that.

                                                                  Millie and Jack!

I need to keep a more watchful  eye on our young ones today I think more then our perents has to when we were growing up how to live independently!

A keen golfer,and with a fearsome reputation for smaching the semers around the region's I didn't want to lose it completely because that wasn't going to help tyler, you want to be functioning and you want to be same so you know exactly what's going on!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We need more rain's?

We has not rains for so many days...In fact with thowl rain drps of tears they even look pretter to me
It is so dark,Again it is pouring doun again...thinking about feel yeard ago some lady especially loved the photos with it's new gorgeous colorlooks great special Mushroom in the Netherlands.....

Today was very tired from being wide awake and taling with my friend nut going to outside...
I still remenber Tennessce ..whitttie spring golf course vailey view....
When I had the accident,last few years ago and I was very happy time with my bodys now But we need more raining soon my garding was nothing flowers....

Jack  was at still boys it easy to remember things big and small from his everyday life! soon at schools years.    Millie was nice memories makes like the rabbit cat it was lots of her expression in the Cat's!


.                                         That was very bad unusual HOT weathers all the time!