Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fad ways to fight the fat!

I has writing about Down with diets on 25 August only Saturday.

Here is: Hollywood cookie Diet.
             Eat three to four of the brand's biscuits a day and nothing else Nothing.

             BABY FOOD DIET
             Eat 14 baby-size serves of puree during the day,followed by an evening meal of fish and vegetables.
             AOK,A-OK SUMMING SOAP.
             A soap with"fat-emulsifying properfies" that " tightens" skin.

             Hypnotic suggestion that you tummy has shrunk to the side of a golf ball.

             GET SLIM SUPPERS.           
             Allegedly put pressure on digestion related trigger points in feet.

"Who used it in her private clinical practice.If you forget diets and really take good care of yourself.well,
there  not an impressive before and after picture that goes with that. Metabolic health is not nearly as impressive as,'I was huge and now I'm tiny.

We need to focus on being as healthy as .we can and forget all about weight. I know that seems insane and nobody wants to do it,but it's actually very empowering. Embrace the body you have treat it well and that's the best you can do"

I'am going to have a beautiful day tomorrow.
Hi Sis! you having a nice weather for Katie you too.....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Down With Diets!

Diets I've known a few : Quite a few,actually. And I've got the bum to prove it:significant,substantial .. lardy.Diets,

I have found,do not work. not for long anyway.They've been a great way to get even fatter.
I'm not unique there for from it.Research has shown that while most people well lose weight on most DIETS.

Our bodies. don't know that dieting is good "says Adams."They think we're staving and there are about 30 hormones that kick in to encourage the brain to seeking food They body will fight to get back within {a weight range) it feels safe.

Living in a culture in which a taut.lean body is akin to godliness makes "diets don't work"a particularly tough message to sell and,if you're on the pudding' side,on uncomfortable one to absorb.

Plus,there's the noise of the weight-loss industry,shouting out messages with little basis in fact: you can do it if you try hard enough,with the right diet,with our DIET.

Diets,however are extremely seductive.seductive.kausman says they're "sold like magic: they're easy,they're quick and your whole life will change for the better.

I will write about FAD WAYS to FIGHT THE FAT.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love playing Golf with friends.

It still feels very much like the middle of winter, however, all my friends and I are looking forward to play together.

I find playing golf to be most relaxing, and at this stage of my life, I cannot think of anything better to occupy my days.

I am enjoying golf more and more every week. I won my first game on 26-3-1980.

I am finally getting back into my beloved golf, after months of hospitalisation and rehab., after my accident on  15-12-2011.

Sis, I am enjoying the calendar you sent me on 'Yellowstone National Park Wyoming' Grand Prismatic  Geyser.


Friday, August 17, 2012

I went to the hospital today

[Andrew helping] - At 6:30 this morning I went to the hospital to have 5 dental implants put in.  They gave me anaesthesia which made me sleep for 3 hours, and I woke up around 11. It is 9 at night now, and I still have no pain- hopefully no pain tonight.

In a couple of months they will finish my teeth by putting the crowns (top of the implants) on, and I will have my teeth back again.

On Wednesday the 15th, I played 18 holes of golf over 5 hours and played very well.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water Every Where!

Supping catchments are replenishing Victoria's dams at a phenomenal rate,with Melbourne's water storages likely to top 80 per cent of capacity by year and their highest level in 15 years.

State wide, the picture is similarly bright,with no region going thirsty .
The rebound from the worst drought on record has made for stunning recoveries at lake Eppalock,
which ran dry in 2007 but it now nearing capacity,and at lake Eildon and lake Hume.
What a lovely looking mountain silver cobblod.
I loved being in nature the sounds of water- falls hoothing owls strange birds were all around in Victoria.

My situation are all days not happy for me.
I wish a happy golfing and no more cold rain day..
All things with too much for used in some different situations for my friends at USA.
Too hot for them all the time but I hope has happy time for both of too.
Hi Sis! you will be back soon with Katie and all other friends see me too.      

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Better for spring time

This is for Southern Hemisphere.  (Add 6 months to yours to achieve equivalent in Northern Hemisphere)

Spring is just around the corner,which means that, in all but the very coldest parts, the garden is starting to stir.
Vegies to sow in August:

Sow leafy greens in punnet or pots. The greens in the new Asian stir Fry Mix in Yates seed rangs are fast growing and versatile and can be used fresh or cooked.

Flowers to sow in August.

Summer flower favourites such as petunias can also be sown into indoor pots ready for planting out when it's warmer.
Petunias have very small seeds that don't like being buried.

Feed in August.

Cut off dead flowers from spring bulbs but leave the foliage intact, feed weekly with Thrive Flower & amp

Prune in August.
Finish rose pruning and follow with a clean-up spray of Lime Sulfur. Any necessary pruning of camellias can be done as soon as flowering finishes.

August Job file:
If the weather is favourable. August is a good month to improve the soil by digging in compost and manure

Don't dig while the soil is very wet.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I has busy time..

I have been proposed by doctors dentals  implants in the upper jam 5 to eventually fixed bridge replacing   the missing upper teeth.
A implant is planned to be end of all this years of cause I need going to appointment at scans.
Everything I supposed to go to long time for me.
I love all my friend help for me after my problems time.