Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Power of life.

The elderly the power grid and trains at risk as victoria faces a maimum of 43 degrees and with fires in the state's north 4714ha grasstire was the wosst of 170 fires that was 27th of Fridays.
it was fany weather of not sunny day just dark after that still my body went hot and then cold my tongue went dry,

Oh my god we'd been caught, not knowing what else to say I was shaking guilt and panic I drank some water and told myself to calm down. A rock had planted itself in my stomack, it wasn't my fault,I'm not hurting anyone But no mather how I tried to turn it over, there was no getting out of it-No amount of back padalling,escape route planning  would save me.

I hope we will  have nice weather's still in Summer times but the forecast to soar to a historic high after the 2016 election,reaching more than $70 billion a year.

                                                                After sun's set time


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I workout things my way and my improvement. I need to be reason's I want to achieve the good I've set for mylife. I love to and like these words are positive in the sence that I really want to exercide of passuon and golfing well.

The first thing to understand is actual body welight impacts my alility to achieve this ...
All good enough reasono to start shaking those my idea the most energetic people are those who do not feel old.

In the morning automarically going for a run even it they hate running.. but not me...
something morvellous comes into focus holidays the relaxation comes the possilility of renewal of doing thing differeatly.
Dance arround my home to my favorite tunes let go and more to music ....

Hibliscus White Kalakaua. I has for so many years.

Something marvellous comes onto focus.holidays the relaxation coms the possibility of renlwal of doing thing differently,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Best day.

I had lovely Christmas time with our family in my home they was a lots of people are from ITALY.
Next doors one of many dear was jump the fence they has BBQ for dinner of course marsmalows for kids a splasling fight and good time.

The fence at the back of my yards the plrty we need fixed fence soon...
Iam quite happy with them! I have bllilves that if they put under standable some time delightful.

but not all the time the drop of a hot times a splcial offer to those who do not have the right answer....
Bat bifore I don't mind had a and for that moment. the present I am filled with joy!

This was a last years but this years are very bad photos because too much hot days!
and still another three days.....

We has a hot day for Monday 76" Tue 84" Wensday95" I has too many days!