Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is not good thing?

I setled on once a week and that works pretty well for me but I was punished myself henest and loveable what a CAT'S Story!!

And I especially enjoy it at night sitting on the veranda with a glass of wine,watching the sunset come on it's my favoweite time of the say.

I'am not a calculating person ..if I have some thing to say I will say it, and I'm not that naive that I don't know that may upset people....

Spend some time thinking about how fortunate my golfing time..I often too slow to give thank's and too quich to complain.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Where there's a meme there's..A buck to be made Amanda reports on the humans now relying on a feline with a funny face for their daily bread.
If the world is divided between cat people and dog people I know where I stand give me stick fetching skills and uncritical adoration every time.

GRUMPY CAT: Or -for those few of youwho are not finger-on-the zeitgeist internet experts.
Are grumpy and we know it ,and there's nothing like a picture of a cat on a mug to show it.
but feline dwarfism gives her a funny little face. dominated by a very downturned month.

The only problem she and fellow feline stars face is the old story of creative artists the world  over:copyright infringement. the very root of her fame-her accessibility -makes her easy pre for unlicensed imitators,fraudsters,and men selling dodgy T-shirts from the back of truck.

GRUMPY CAT': Searnings,and  has entered a fiducary agreement the requires him to work in her best interests.
 She isn't in front of a camera all of the time like many people percive...

A cat,an an agent,an IP lawyer-it sounds an elaborate joke involving a bartender.But there's nothing funny about the mony Grumpy Cat's making.She is,offcially,a meme millionaire, I here's a US cat food

Grumpy Cat looking grumpy.
Grumppuccino (available only in the US,alas in mocha,vanilla,and coffee flavours.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I will stick with it!

I wandering through the golfing these day in hot day..when a friend after a bit of small talk she was currently we were in a golf nothing fanatical just a exericiser after a bit of small talk Oh! the same old thing really and I've been doing this for from 1979 and started I had won by club trophy 67 net 26-3-1980 until most of years after last won by 14-12-2011. now I will like to be back to win the new my golf day!!

Our friend for so many years in the same way in my friend her been doing the same strangth golf for years doing the same as long as my frinds can remember.

The point is that many of us just do what we like to do. And simply keep doing it And that's okay.
Because not everyone likes to intellectuolise their physical activity they just want to get on with it because it makes them feel good and they are comfortable with the intersily and the benefils it gives.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our summer hot day!

I dont blame anyone but myself for being too busy and putting myself under such presure it is up to me to slow down,set prisrities and relax.

This is a wonderful time of year where pepole are more giveng and happy time, we are brought to gether to enjoy in HOT DAY time and be thankful  for what we have hope every one has a wonderful day.  

I thinking about bad eyes people is one of my friends has one eyes is going to almost closed..she can't plaing golfing and driving her car's anymore,

I think with ideas that circle just a simple thought about more try finding on her away with reflfection.....
We having a lovely talking with all other friends.

A School boys!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Lasr two weeks heart arrives on friday shoald ease comdition for fire fighters batting blazes in South,Australia,victoria, NSW.

The potential of a third major heartwave for the summer comes after annual heat records fell for Australia the country warmest in more thhan a century of standardised records Today is 40 degrees.

The potentral of a third major heartwave  for the summer comes after annual heat records fell for Australia the coutry warmest in more than a century of standardised records.

My body and how I was supposed to look after now. Before I started overing takeaway that careils for dinner few day (they've got vegrtables in them so they must be healthy foods,

Before I started going to nice restaurants and eating to en-tree main and dessert Oh,and a bottle of wine!

                                                  Yvette, George, Rose,Michiko,Morgan