Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My life

I had three problem next done people had not much with money for uncomfortable with me, I don't have inspiration at the moment to write about..I have a lot of very close friends in the so many years.
I didn't realist how harshly how harshly I'd spoken.. As I get older and more restricted in what I can wear myself..I wait I always do but surely my waiting reflects on enjoy the family?

My good friends has lovely memories with her Mum's her many years ago.  One thing good in the early time I  can be walking in taking care my body very well with in here,
We got to bike in the fell in the morning too when the raining times,  The fell golfing with my friend time I has lovely to eating on the there golfing time.     

Saturday, February 17, 2018

About Facebook!

Everyone knows someone who won't pat down their phone became they are constantly checking their social network of choice, And or someone who seems to document their entire life on An external internet platform, But social media addiction is not just a problem for individuals, An entire industry is hooked on it. specifically, the biggest platform, Facebook,                         

Friday, February 9, 2018


Sugary drinks are the biggest source of added sugar in the biggest source of added sugar in the diets of Aussie kids and teens and are responsible for tooth teeny in help one 2 year-olds.time and again,
One of the reasons for when I was kids time my teens are responsible for my tooth.
just as Big Tobacco would rather people weren't warned about the dangers of cigarettes. I do know one man was a long time ago!
The world health organisation recommends consuming no more the six teaspoons of added sugar in an entire day, Our Good diets and over time slow down and reverse our obesity epidemic,

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I get Older,

I do wish I could be these more I have a very wonderful family, they all keep out they'll be fine, I'm so busy I was always running so fast that I never had a sense that anyone like me anyway, That' strange, strange thing to say, but do you know what I mean? I would be interesting.

But i"m handful, I can't imagine anyone putting up with me,
She strikes me, That as more insecure then people might imagine I get older I like people look as good as they can,

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Summer time,

I had a bad reaction to my post with all my friends too I don't think a good idea of caused my one of my favourite place is a few people with me, it will be bloody hot and well will complain,

I will stay up late writing and reading and be eating nectarines on warm breathing  night  I shan't complain a moment because to me Summer is for joy,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Smart business decision,

Once a decision is made, important to choose the right legal structure to minimise potential legal difficulties down the track. According to Ms Paterson, the most common legal structures are limited by guarantee.
The constitution is the first step in that, and that's obviously a critical stage to get the foundation of the organisation correct from day one, too and succinct and to exactly capture what it is the people are trying to do in most charitable purpose.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year's

Here's a gift make Christmas. a cracker. Believed it has New years for a very long time I will sentimentally of the reason and it's deep and meaningful I'm going to write about lived my life so short but I have so many 5 years good friend from long years. My life weekend in a good my friends.  The raining most of every day. It seemed to be important for me, I need fix my good situation for big help and I also experienced during the New years I worked But messing around on the computer I'm trying not in the good enough there a lot too I'm not in the mood to do much now.
Happy New Year to all my friends.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Hair..

Only just some extra pieces that I wore like whenever I dis of a clever makeup to  make my hair sits on my head like an I had short hair for most of my life I had a crew cut to mated my hit my any years's unspoken understanding of what women were supposed to lock like convinced me to grow my hair short. No one knows I'm just lazy.

Anyway, I didn't get it, but I did wonder what had changed for me to finally spend the four tedious hours it  has taken to go from hearing I couldn't care less now, but for many years along with that short of hair I also carried around  a cumbersome, very fear of not being accepted. I feared that have hair was not only short but obviously my think I was too radical or too confronting for short occasionally on a Saturday.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ramblingon: Still Loving Those Consignment Shops.

Ramblingon: Still Loving Those Consignment Shops.
I do appreciate you had sent me lovely letter this Christmas time. but you had written not too much,
Are you OK The next couple of days to catch up and see what has happened to you until then stay sweet and most importantly stay close to all Family, Happy Mary Christmas to All with your family! Michiko,  I'm going to see all  my family in the Christmas time,

New years

Today was as the I decided to what righty how writing because of the fact that I would likely have to do to my head all sciatica and as a farewell, my head on too.  Whoops hit the wrong hit the wrong key, blog  with women who live in Australia, One day at a time I always thought as I did many things and al not thought as I did many things does always posit so,
Theses day was very hot I know what the ocean does to my good time, My good boy and girl are they both together all Mum and Dad's and me too it going very happy was these years  Gypsy's too,