Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MICHIKO: I was disappoint in today!

I was disappoint in today!

I was disappoint in today!

I thinking about something why just happen interest today . But it was one teeth was long and just waited  for November 21th.  My dentists will fined..
I thought was why I has only one teeth problem today?

Some friend go to busy with life and other people did not have time.
When ever I tried speaking to her I always got a feeling that I was not wanted any more.
There are so many things unsaid and things that we did not complete.No goodbyes.
Only keep up to will discover a great deal of pleasure That is another of the wonders of golf I will looking for another few month time it going to be back for me ....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I started exercising regularly!

At this of year my golf fills with requests from my golfing them with tips on how to get exercising again after their chilly winter hiatus.Inevitably,each year's tips are pretty much the same as the previous year's.
But this year, I've noticed a development that has forced me to rethink the way we approach exercise.

Our participation levels at health clubs and golf over the past few years have been increasing,and the rise has been at roughly the same role as that of our obesity levels.  I know the issue is more complex than that,but the numbers, If I was being totally which,of course,seems better will pray well and fitness are less likely to happen.
But there another people think more people involved and from more people I'm well positioned to comment on it.

If you want a specific outcome-weight loss increased fitness levels or whatever-be prepared  to make my own arrangements.
A gym can offer a memorable fitness experience, but it can't make my train had harder,push your limits or ensure my reach particular goods.

So if you are hitting the golfing this spring,  with complementary goals.make that golf membership work for me.

Yesterday was just get down a bad golfing myself and I don't feel like to be back for until better weather day.....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeding your face.

When skincare bursts with super foods, in seems good enough to fat.
pick up only moisturiser or serum of late and you'll find it boosts the same kinds of ingredients you's expect to read on the juice menu at on organic coffee. And for good reason.

"If you're  going to the effort of nourishing your body with vitamin, mineral and enzyme-rich foods, it makes sense to feed your skin with the same ingredients for added protection".

When it comes to skin super foods, it's  all about the antioxidant factor. "Antioxidant-rich foods such berries and tomatoes work overtime to help neutralise free rodicols.

I try to the body lotions rich ,try lanolips Lovely lanolin triple buttermilk body balm for very dry skin.
I must take care with Nature's most powerful moisturisers.
We having the hot weather will coming soon.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Happy day!

I don't write bout myself or about what goes on in my day...special these days has just like raining most time.
About two month? BUT specially morning the united States from  Miss Carole's  sent me letter.
I love very much Sis. this was something never imagined living this life from me.

I had four times my family pondering about my son's and daughter in low are expressive them self who freely show the in love and express it through words Morgan and Yvette children .

I found out that I made a wish choice leaving the party to night when I did apparently the two bottle of wine was polished off  but three hours and five women that are regretting that just a bot today.
We had  talking about enjoy time.
Hopefully the better weather for looking for your country and in here.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I become calm.

I was something happy here today.I licked it just explained to be calm! I licked it Joe explained that, among her generation. being stressed in a clock look. Really? it our golfing is not?
make with herbal  relax and. calm drinks. only one relaxing soda made with herbal relaxants.
they're designed to "slow our roll"and have tocsin the mind and are hitting  in the our as i type.

Back in my day I don't think we were any more stressed.
This weekend I watched my words and chose to say what I want to be...which is demeanour to be I became calm is a state of mind that cultivatable.
The question we all want to be cool to this new calm trend? I reckon so.

Each week in this column I try out ways to much life more meaningful. happier sweeter it's an experiment jovial.Follow me at...long time.        .