Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Time is Exciting!

My son family is in Sydney I am very happy to visit them for Christmas day time
I am going from Melbourne to Sydney.

Well I am visiting them this Christmas time because I had a bad time last Christmas.
I don't know how it will be after all the things that have happened to me.
Some things that happen during the day I don't really understand because I think to much of what has happened to me already.?

My grand children Milles and Jack  ( sacrifice survivors ) will be playing Santa and the kids will have beautiful presents.

We will do presents and laugh a lot with the heart. It will be more like with all my friends.
I was with my family and friends they will worry about me, but especially as i am getting much better now.Christmas is a very special.          


I had a bad time with my teeth. Only one tooth in my down side as well as my top teeth will be looked at on the 16th January 2013.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas time coming!

Whether in the Christmas a little or a lot of  I will find inspiration from among festive decorations, our special fashion spread  and of our happy gift guide.
I will looking for all my friend  for  lovely day!

When I know every on  in your family is happy healthy and safe time.
It make me think that place for made sure you've got the right gift for the all  person.
My family gave me of  favorite perfume?  I just thinking of my mind....

All of the fum time was SANTA is coming to  A children is younger daughters and boys  has receive in  presents and  other big age has coming too and they will  tell lots of SANTA story was worth it "Christmas has a special . Magical wonder about it.
All my friends are Christmas is a very special day!
                                                                      Millie & Jack

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fashion Clothes

I am very happy with useful information on helps  and life style.
I need very much with me which makes finding the night - sized bottoms difficult.

Others bemoaned the fact that nothing fit properly it is clear that woman's bodies are astonishingly varied  and many do not fit standard sizing at all.

I think there is a huge gap in shopping choices for reasonably  priced clothing  for 35 to 50 years-old women who don't wont to look like grandmas but also don't wont to be revealing too much skin.

                                           Yvette at  Port Douglas !    

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am enjoy my health

I have been really lucky with my health.
touch wood I try to listen to my body and I know when I need to pull myself back But I could to staking spirulina again I'll do the old-fashioned thing
If I feeling low or having a massage can do.

Amazing thing I try thing out and do what works for me and sometime I do need to stop.
I'm likely to spend time in the garden if I really want to get fit. If I'm feeling guilty I'll go for a run around the block and Ill try to do push ups.

I was bad time for my teeth have gotten far so sensitive(Only one teeth in down side) my dentist I'm seeing next year.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life's big time.

I start always saying the what happen to in my feet the Plantar fasciitis condition that causes pain under the heel of the foot.  After three month  my doctors given to  Right Foot Injection.

Confusion in my feet  in the first hols of the month can be a good thing. If I handle it well,
If I handle is not well I might well be back -tracking on previous agreements,but don't panic in stead
in stead.

I can't not setting for anything less than what I can the way to my teeth is next Wed 16th  January 2013,
Instead ,find a way to make the new understandings my helps even better for me Dental Implant.   The end of December, things should start to make since for me.....
                                                             A Lilium flowers in my garden.

In other new trip away now could be totally  new place so I could learn a lot as well as have a wonderful time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The little girls!

Raising a daughter seems so complicated. It scares me.

How could I possibly navigate the scary minefields of self esteem and eating disorders so prevalent in the lives of  girls

I have a very clear idea about the kind of men I'd like to raise I'm raising them to be kind and respectful.

Girls are strong-the ones I know seem to have been born with a great idea of who they are and it's up to the parents to figure it That I'll think they're an A when really they're a B.  Tears, slamming doors and the words "I hate you" will ensue.

                                           View from my home behind the parks!.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Time of day.

Have a recovery shake no matter what time of day you work out:

1. Recovery shakes help you reduce soreness, get fitter, faster and have more energy and improve your body composition (less fat and maintain/add muscle)more quickly. if fat-loss is anywhere on your list of priorities.

2. Have a pre-workout shake if you are morning exerciser: You need to have energy to do a workout that is going to get some results. If you are exercising early.

3. Make sure you can sleep: The bedroom is where the magic happens-the recovery magic.If you are an evening exerciser. Usually you body needs at least two hours to slow down enough to actually sleep.

4. Resistance before cardio: Resistance training will yield the highest return for energy invested when it comes to almost anything especially for fat loss.

5. Frequency trumps Duration: Shorter workouts done more other will yield better fat-loss and muscle-building results. So less today and  repeat tomorrow.

6. Have a plan: Preferably a plan: That has a proven track record for delivering safe results for a person like you. If you are mum with a full-Time job,the workout plan that a professional beach volley ball player uses probably isn't going to work for you..

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Busy Life!

Gypsy hurt her paw and had stitches and bandage. Andrew&Mum Jack,Millie leave at the Sydney. 

I love the beach it is are so beautiful.In here we've beautiful Rose trees are in blossom in the garden.
Recently I had changed my life style to became more busy.. Do I have energy to do that?  
I realized it's an important thing compromise is key in my life that I decided to used more computer and golf.
I Know a bit too much mind you I didn't  mention about night times.
Such as going out with friends or see a movie one day I wanted to show my friends that it could be done, Am I dreaming?? 

Friday, October 26, 2012

I had reality good day!

My friend is a gorgeous! she reality and the photo-graphs collide in a way that is just right, I can either choose to let this beat me,or I choose to continue to live my life, and will continue to do so.
That life includes tending my garden and my delight in cooking at home.
As well as eating out for today's lunch time.

She seems to share that displaying genuine interest in others,taking would play sport on Saturday mornings love to the days.  I wish one of the many reasons I can do that much playing my golfing.
We are still having a raining day, I just has enough for me.  


Friday, October 19, 2012

All my friends!

I am glad all my friends always been there with supporting words and you caring and yes I do get easily emotionally involved. I have been using my head and I need to take my time and not hurry.
I wish for all the goodness that I will writing thank so much for caring It sure has helped me to get this far.

we has a bad raining days for so many days this years. today is again.
But  next month I hope the flowers and hers picked from my garden  and add tea -light candles to create a sparkle on summer evenings. Just fold it up and let in the gorgeous sunshine!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writing can actuality improve your health!

1. Writing can help clarify our thoughts.

My authors postulated that was because writing about key values make participants happy about key values make participants happier.

2. Writing can clear your mind.

I know that information is stored over there so I don't need to store that in my head, which means your brain can relax. Interestingly he says.. This is actually our brains way of trying to look after ourselves by aiming to remember everything. But we don't want to remember everything at night.

3. Writing can help you lose weight.

While the others gained weight.  The authors postulated that this was because writing  about key, values  made participants happier  And we all know the better you feel the less likely you are to turn to food for comfort.

4.  Writing can make you feel good.

People who blogged displayed better self esteem than those who didn't; they also fared better emotionally than those who write in a journal.  According to Adler, the added bonus of making you "feel heard " just as muscles need to warm up before exercise, your brain also needs time to warm up.
Michiko said :  "I was thinking what to write in my blogg, when I saw this article, and I realised that every time I write something to my friends, I always feel better and sleep well that night".
Thank you all, for being my friends.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The sun enters sign today.

Today was my excitement 1 th of October I would be back again,but with a much clearer head this time around. I know exactly what I want, now I know my failings as a person and what I valve in my self.
I'd also wait longer and make sure that I really believed for all the time.

I describes comment  it happened easily on the last February but with a much clearer my teeth.
I can't not setting for anything less than what I can the way to my teeth.
17-August. I has 5 teeth (Bone Grant).
26-September.Dental Implant but one teeth for the following expected in  21-November surgery.

The my doctor will has good works on 21- November.  I really hope to be a very happy day.
I'd also wait longer and make sure that I really believed it.
Really glad that it happened early on being a month time it actually propelled me for word.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

MICHIKO: I was disappoint in today!

I was disappoint in today!

I was disappoint in today!

I thinking about something why just happen interest today . But it was one teeth was long and just waited  for November 21th.  My dentists will fined..
I thought was why I has only one teeth problem today?

Some friend go to busy with life and other people did not have time.
When ever I tried speaking to her I always got a feeling that I was not wanted any more.
There are so many things unsaid and things that we did not complete.No goodbyes.
Only keep up to will discover a great deal of pleasure That is another of the wonders of golf I will looking for another few month time it going to be back for me ....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I started exercising regularly!

At this of year my golf fills with requests from my golfing them with tips on how to get exercising again after their chilly winter hiatus.Inevitably,each year's tips are pretty much the same as the previous year's.
But this year, I've noticed a development that has forced me to rethink the way we approach exercise.

Our participation levels at health clubs and golf over the past few years have been increasing,and the rise has been at roughly the same role as that of our obesity levels.  I know the issue is more complex than that,but the numbers, If I was being totally which,of course,seems better will pray well and fitness are less likely to happen.
But there another people think more people involved and from more people I'm well positioned to comment on it.

If you want a specific outcome-weight loss increased fitness levels or whatever-be prepared  to make my own arrangements.
A gym can offer a memorable fitness experience, but it can't make my train had harder,push your limits or ensure my reach particular goods.

So if you are hitting the golfing this spring,  with complementary goals.make that golf membership work for me.

Yesterday was just get down a bad golfing myself and I don't feel like to be back for until better weather day.....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeding your face.

When skincare bursts with super foods, in seems good enough to fat.
pick up only moisturiser or serum of late and you'll find it boosts the same kinds of ingredients you's expect to read on the juice menu at on organic coffee. And for good reason.

"If you're  going to the effort of nourishing your body with vitamin, mineral and enzyme-rich foods, it makes sense to feed your skin with the same ingredients for added protection".

When it comes to skin super foods, it's  all about the antioxidant factor. "Antioxidant-rich foods such berries and tomatoes work overtime to help neutralise free rodicols.

I try to the body lotions rich ,try lanolips Lovely lanolin triple buttermilk body balm for very dry skin.
I must take care with Nature's most powerful moisturisers.
We having the hot weather will coming soon.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Happy day!

I don't write bout myself or about what goes on in my day...special these days has just like raining most time.
About two month? BUT specially morning the united States from  Miss Carole's  sent me letter.
I love very much Sis. this was something never imagined living this life from me.

I had four times my family pondering about my son's and daughter in low are expressive them self who freely show the in love and express it through words Morgan and Yvette children .

I found out that I made a wish choice leaving the party to night when I did apparently the two bottle of wine was polished off  but three hours and five women that are regretting that just a bot today.
We had  talking about enjoy time.
Hopefully the better weather for looking for your country and in here.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I become calm.

I was something happy here today.I licked it just explained to be calm! I licked it Joe explained that, among her generation. being stressed in a clock look. Really? it our golfing is not?
make with herbal  relax and. calm drinks. only one relaxing soda made with herbal relaxants.
they're designed to "slow our roll"and have tocsin the mind and are hitting  in the our as i type.

Back in my day I don't think we were any more stressed.
This weekend I watched my words and chose to say what I want to be...which is demeanour to be I became calm is a state of mind that cultivatable.
The question we all want to be cool to this new calm trend? I reckon so.

Each week in this column I try out ways to much life more meaningful. happier sweeter it's an experiment jovial.Follow me at...long time.        .  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fad ways to fight the fat!

I has writing about Down with diets on 25 August only Saturday.

Here is: Hollywood cookie Diet.
             Eat three to four of the brand's biscuits a day and nothing else Nothing.

             BABY FOOD DIET
             Eat 14 baby-size serves of puree during the day,followed by an evening meal of fish and vegetables.
             AOK,A-OK SUMMING SOAP.
             A soap with"fat-emulsifying properfies" that " tightens" skin.

             Hypnotic suggestion that you tummy has shrunk to the side of a golf ball.

             GET SLIM SUPPERS.           
             Allegedly put pressure on digestion related trigger points in feet.

"Who used it in her private clinical practice.If you forget diets and really take good care of yourself.well,
there  not an impressive before and after picture that goes with that. Metabolic health is not nearly as impressive as,'I was huge and now I'm tiny.

We need to focus on being as healthy as .we can and forget all about weight. I know that seems insane and nobody wants to do it,but it's actually very empowering. Embrace the body you have treat it well and that's the best you can do"

I'am going to have a beautiful day tomorrow.
Hi Sis! you having a nice weather for Katie you too.....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Down With Diets!

Diets I've known a few : Quite a few,actually. And I've got the bum to prove it:significant,substantial .. lardy.Diets,

I have found,do not work. not for long anyway.They've been a great way to get even fatter.
I'm not unique there for from it.Research has shown that while most people well lose weight on most DIETS.

Our bodies. don't know that dieting is good "says Adams."They think we're staving and there are about 30 hormones that kick in to encourage the brain to seeking food They body will fight to get back within {a weight range) it feels safe.

Living in a culture in which a taut.lean body is akin to godliness makes "diets don't work"a particularly tough message to sell and,if you're on the pudding' side,on uncomfortable one to absorb.

Plus,there's the noise of the weight-loss industry,shouting out messages with little basis in fact: you can do it if you try hard enough,with the right diet,with our DIET.

Diets,however are extremely seductive.seductive.kausman says they're "sold like magic: they're easy,they're quick and your whole life will change for the better.

I will write about FAD WAYS to FIGHT THE FAT.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love playing Golf with friends.

It still feels very much like the middle of winter, however, all my friends and I are looking forward to play together.

I find playing golf to be most relaxing, and at this stage of my life, I cannot think of anything better to occupy my days.

I am enjoying golf more and more every week. I won my first game on 26-3-1980.

I am finally getting back into my beloved golf, after months of hospitalisation and rehab., after my accident on  15-12-2011.

Sis, I am enjoying the calendar you sent me on 'Yellowstone National Park Wyoming' Grand Prismatic  Geyser.


Friday, August 17, 2012

I went to the hospital today

[Andrew helping] - At 6:30 this morning I went to the hospital to have 5 dental implants put in.  They gave me anaesthesia which made me sleep for 3 hours, and I woke up around 11. It is 9 at night now, and I still have no pain- hopefully no pain tonight.

In a couple of months they will finish my teeth by putting the crowns (top of the implants) on, and I will have my teeth back again.

On Wednesday the 15th, I played 18 holes of golf over 5 hours and played very well.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water Every Where!

Supping catchments are replenishing Victoria's dams at a phenomenal rate,with Melbourne's water storages likely to top 80 per cent of capacity by year and their highest level in 15 years.

State wide, the picture is similarly bright,with no region going thirsty .
The rebound from the worst drought on record has made for stunning recoveries at lake Eppalock,
which ran dry in 2007 but it now nearing capacity,and at lake Eildon and lake Hume.
What a lovely looking mountain silver cobblod.
I loved being in nature the sounds of water- falls hoothing owls strange birds were all around in Victoria.

My situation are all days not happy for me.
I wish a happy golfing and no more cold rain day..
All things with too much for used in some different situations for my friends at USA.
Too hot for them all the time but I hope has happy time for both of too.
Hi Sis! you will be back soon with Katie and all other friends see me too.      

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Better for spring time

This is for Southern Hemisphere.  (Add 6 months to yours to achieve equivalent in Northern Hemisphere)

Spring is just around the corner,which means that, in all but the very coldest parts, the garden is starting to stir.
Vegies to sow in August:

Sow leafy greens in punnet or pots. The greens in the new Asian stir Fry Mix in Yates seed rangs are fast growing and versatile and can be used fresh or cooked.

Flowers to sow in August.

Summer flower favourites such as petunias can also be sown into indoor pots ready for planting out when it's warmer.
Petunias have very small seeds that don't like being buried.

Feed in August.

Cut off dead flowers from spring bulbs but leave the foliage intact, feed weekly with Thrive Flower & amp

Prune in August.
Finish rose pruning and follow with a clean-up spray of Lime Sulfur. Any necessary pruning of camellias can be done as soon as flowering finishes.

August Job file:
If the weather is favourable. August is a good month to improve the soil by digging in compost and manure

Don't dig while the soil is very wet.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I has busy time..

I have been proposed by doctors dentals  implants in the upper jam 5 to eventually fixed bridge replacing   the missing upper teeth.
A implant is planned to be end of all this years of cause I need going to appointment at scans.
Everything I supposed to go to long time for me.
I love all my friend help for me after my problems time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If given the chance...

It helps me. I'm not good with idle time. but I feel need to always be creating something.
I  hope to finishing for interested writing my friends,.I'm sorry this times.
will be prepared for next day.
I am very happy with my golfing  and  make some practice swings to get the feel of same ways. I will be back to three time in the week soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great the golf.

I still putt for at least years thirty hours every day while attention us and drive straight day
without for joy on my golf swing player and I am so happy and there are not enough other my friends to say how much this make me.
All my lady's friends are write me too...
I will more going out and enjoy over advised my golf for consultant with myself.
hope for next day...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Keep an eye on pets.

It was for the past few weeks,I have been enjoying  watching a wattle bird  feeding and playing in our garden.Yesterday morning that bird's life came to a brutal end when it was sick by a neighbour's cat.
If you must keep a cat, please ensure it wears a large bell on it's collar and stays inside at night.
I'm all for the very cold positive movement then it's all smiles.
The age is reshaped to I liking it's will keeping watch for even more all the time.
I was worry about concerning all the time for all my dear friends.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food for thought...

Now that midwinter delivered a little rain and a lot of cold and short days, I often return to the late Mirabel Osler when aching bones demand rest by a warm hearth.Then,a drift into the cheerful musings of a generous observer is a beautiful thing.

When seeking diversion more than advice,I find the English gardener and writer to do be both a delight and a consolation .When all else is quiet and the privacy she refers to as an elusive commodity allows for an uninterrupted daylight hour it is often a well thumbed. A Garden which finds its the Eye of the Garden which finds its way to the fireside table.Although she gardened in a different hemisphere with different  plants.

her enthusiasm for gardening as a way of life,her veracity alongside her often idiosyncratic views always make me smile.
A lots of pleasure in the genre of literature is not only for private garden owners.There are particularly in Melbourne.
It is more to write about in here but I has my time was stopping with in here.but I like very much to more reading myself about Gwen Ford.  


Friday, July 6, 2012

In the Garden!

Its a good time to plant winter vegetables such as broad beans. peas and turnips.
They like a slightly alkaline soil so add some dolomite when you are preparing the bed.
It's time to plant spinach.
Now that midwinter has delivered a little rain and a lot of cold and short days. I often return to the late when aching bones demand rest by a warm hearth.
Then,a drift into the cheerful musings of a generous observer is a beautiful thing.
In order not to create a specimen garden.restraint is reading at advice to English gardeners.
I was enjoy all my friends has a beautiful flowers in there gardens.
and Tomato's everyday so far too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The raining all days!

This winter bringing a lot of rain everyday the weather was has bean awful with all day.
I hope the weather will improve so that I can do sum gardening  and play some golf.
My other friend  have cats in very hot weather poor things with the it fur coats try is keep them cool....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here is the snow!!

There was more winter and cold snow at all of Victoria's ski times.
Where the temperatures hovered around 1 degree, eight year-old.the freezing weather to have fun at falls creek.
Mountain lodge at falls creek said snow had fallen five times already this year.
More young people are enjoyed for all days.

Back in my day  it was cold to be stressed for this time.but next years...
I will choose are very powerful time for me.....I watched my words and chose to say what I want to be ???

Monday, June 18, 2012

The rain has bean a feature all day!

Today it is all about keeping our children safe two is 14 years and 16 years to the school and free of anything that would considered in appropriate for then or unsafe for them to be doing ..
I believe that in life we all try our in adequate best..
We having they life seems to be hurling out of control in this day and age and the simple like is non existent.
I just thinking about be back again within the next couple of catch up and see what has stay with us.

My sons and  wife with very happy yesterday and  next time will be Millie and jack with  together my son with wife.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My happy times soon!

I normally didn't look back I make sure there's always for in future but this has happened to me in the last middle of winter time.
I's nothing I can do at the outside, I start read the news paper at my home there I spot it unusual word"blogger?

The Friday morning I would like to talk about few my friend are go back to about five years in Japan.
I admit,I love to chatted and golf  with my friends it's very enjoyable for our happy times.
We are sharing a sadness and happiness with mostly time..

But my golf games are disappearing from where I played with in few month?
After that instead of glued to the computer so much because of cold witer.
I will enjoy blogging everyday with other bloggers, cats and friends.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The news paper!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit,and your encouraging thoughts,and words,they meant me more to me then you know.
I'm still toggling to check my blog traffic as I write this. It's like going on a trip when there's no phone or interned reception AT first you're outraged .
Then you see it as a blessing. I really  love to TV.

"Look the two thing we need to survive in life and love food for our bodies and love for own hearts.
So what is better than the image of a women eating succulent,comforting food?
I tend eat very small portions but once in a while I splurge.    
a better in myself and so much more in control.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My new life

Every Monday afternoon, during Australian winter, I try to study to keep the good habit of learning how to construct better English sentence.

I went to my usual golf club, the other day with my friends.

I tried to hit golf balls just like before.  After half an hour or so, I started getting better and the balls finally started going straight, and I was happy.  I need to get there more often.

My son, George helped me write this, after he read the original, and declared it unreadable.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Over Wieght!

Why some people get fatter and some people do not,  In the old days, people were not concerned about being over weigh, just themselves.

But these days, people eat fast food and do not exercise enough.

Today, many people are suffering form heart disease.

People who play sports are more likely to happiest life.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mum asked me to put some pics up :) [From Andrew]


It's Andrew here (Michiko's son). She has asked me to post a couple of recent photo's onto her page. Mum is getting a lot better now that she is back at home, and I have been so happy to see the support from her friends in the blogosphere over the past few months -- thank you!

Here are some pics with Mum and the kids from late last year...

..and more recently, a photo from our mothers day today (we put it back a week as Jack's 2nd birthday was on mothers day..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Reflection....

Politicians are Autumn leaves. they fall.

Some politicians turn brown before they fall.

A rare few turn a radiant gold colour.

Not only do some turn brown they also become horribly worn and tattered.

And some politicians simply look a bit weird towards the end.

Do not trample them into the mud,we are all Autumn leaves. of course we are....

It has been very cold.

I have been in good health.I have been out with my friends.
Today a lot of people are becoming at risk of heart disease and diabetes and cholesterol.
People who play a sport are more likely to have a good life.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am very happy for me.

Yesterday was the weather fore just with all right weather.

I was very happy for meat with all my golf friends about the 12-00 pm.
We had talking about more my happy time.
All my heard is getting better since I found out happen again.

I wanna and my guest blogger age in I found out a this morning that hare to get an my feet decided to me.
I am is a very good emotional mind is a very good out-tiled because out of very good my life ...I want to be strong and healthy.

My young Jack's are happy boys two years 13th May 2012.

All happy mothers day 13th May.with my two son's for wife is Rose and Vanessa days with I would like to wish a very happy birthday.

Thank you so much your friendship Carole love with always happy time from your boys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I have a busy time.

I didn't look back,I made sure there's always some thing to look forward to,
but this happened to me in the middle of winter it was damp and raining for couple days.
I went shopping center to find my young Jack is 13th 05 birthday soon I had trouble to find them which I found nice ones.

I will go to visiting an Optometrist for my eye care.
cosmetic dentistry.

A last days at Albert park was a beautiful warm winter time. I had reading Whitney Houston's books I love her that was wonderful singing with her.

I need want to used my cars again and my golfing too but it getting a cold days.

I wish I hadn't ?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What pity pit bulles

What a shame! the dog's mostly love able an animals.
they have personal lily that's a human.

I believe like human,it is they are it up a dogs you'll find out good for family.
Owners, would do better to string punish irresponsible owners.
I think good idea to do restricted will be but lowed before kill the people's.

Some times in post,there was always happen to be a child has victims from vicious day's.
It killed by the savage dog's.

This was about ten year's ago that's happen at some where in the park,a sheep was "Killed by German shepherd".
For instance cats are allowed to be our night time, because they'll attach a birdie.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ramblingon: Happy Easter

Ramblingon: Happy Easter
I was happy with your child with you.
hope with my with be very soon.
xoxoxox Sis.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am getting better

Hello everyone

It has been a long time, and it will take more time with my therapists to get back to my old self.

Physically, I am OK, but I am suffering from PTA (Post Traumatic Amnesia), after a bump on my head.

I am finding it difficult to remember things from the past, particularly the friends’ names, and how to negotiate through my own Blogger.

It is VERY frustrating and time consuming.

I am staying at an unit run by the hospital, for the medical staff to determine whether I will be OK to go back at my own home.

Thank you for your concern and please keep in touch.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

MICHIKO: All my friend

MICHIKO: All my friend

All my friend

I normally didn't look back I made such there's always for all the time.
But this had happened to me in the last time..
The rainy day's the today.

The Friday morning at my class that first thing I asked teacher to please
She gave me the answer it's make me more work hard to me....
At night I asked my two son's to I would like to very much too.

A lots of people who are some are retired there there most of my friends are the ladies.
all I need to more enjoyable in my life.
I hope all my friend keep at me,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello from Michiko

Hello my friends,
Hpppy new years from me and thanks for all your comments,
after my accident I am doing much better but I am not back home yet.
Thank you for your support and I hope to write again soon.
wishinig you all well.
love Michiko

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012