Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Reflection....

Politicians are Autumn leaves. they fall.

Some politicians turn brown before they fall.

A rare few turn a radiant gold colour.

Not only do some turn brown they also become horribly worn and tattered.

And some politicians simply look a bit weird towards the end.

Do not trample them into the mud,we are all Autumn leaves. of course we are....

It has been very cold.

I have been in good health.I have been out with my friends.
Today a lot of people are becoming at risk of heart disease and diabetes and cholesterol.
People who play a sport are more likely to have a good life.


orchid said...

Dearest Michiko-san,
Oh! yes,it is autumn in Australia.
There must be a lot of things you reflect on your passed several months.
We are autumn leaves, so we need to have this life to the fullest, right☆☆☆

I am really happy to knpw you are getting better♪♪♪
Take Care of Yourself, my friend.

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

Äppelblom said...

Here in Sweden we have spring and it is a lovely time.
I am happy to hear you are getting better.
Take care of you!

Beth said...

It does my heart good to know that you are getting better Michiko!!


Katie Isabella said...

I am so happy with you Sis. You are so improved and doing so well. It is all I ever wished for you.

xoxoxoxox Sis, Katie Miyuki and Victoria

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Michiko,

Just got home off the cruise ship after a 5-day trip to the Bahamas with dear friends.
Lovely to read such a post here by you. Enjoy your autumn and stay warm, dress well too.
Love to you always,

Tamago said...

Hi Michiko san, I'm glad you are doing well. I agree, playing sports is good. And having fun time with friends and families..:-) I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

So happy to hear you are feeling so much better and are able to get out with friends. Yes you are in fall and in am in late spring with summer just around the corner.