Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Sunday, December 20, 2015

younger children

All my children with beautiful Christmas time our memories that will always make me smill I know that both of know that I love them. grand Mum. I think it would have made life a lettle easier for me now.

When I've finished sponging scouring and staching.I'm allowed to sit back down and enjoy a few drinks not our champagne,but something someone also brought that has pleantly of sweet drink with Children  and  Gypsy too.

                                             Few days we had HOT weather's.
Love one!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Small talk

This was 19th January 2012 when I was General Tips-communicating progress to with Michiko.
General Tips. I was starting to my golfing a back.I had few plaing was good wining too.

Reduce backgrand noise and distractions.
Ensure Michiko is wearing her glasses if you are asking her to look/read/write.)
Alwys include her in the conversatio
Encourage and accept all attempts at communication. Check if both of you are talking about the same topic.

When you are listening.
Make sure you are looking at Michiko.
Allow her plenty of time to speak without pressue.
Encourage her to use gesture(facial expression/hand movements) or show you the items/question if appropriate.
Encourage Michiko to talk only when necessary.Encourage her when a correct phrase is produced.

When you are talking.
Make sure michiko can see your face.
Use simple words-avoid complicated words/descriptions"I'llbe going soon,but before I do I'll say goodbye"Say"By michiko'and use a gesture.
Allow her extra time to understand what is said.Don't rush.
try and ask questions that require a yes/no response.
Try drawing,writing and gesturing to add additional meaning to your spoken words.
Slowly repeat instructions or key words if you are concerned Michiko has not understood.

Theses progress to me has I'm so much appreciated Dear Williams & all my friends.
All BLOGS FRIENDS. Thank you so much it was so many years 19th -January 2012..2015.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Success.

The unbeerable tragedy of losing in one accident at such a few years ago made my heart ache, but my ability to emerge from the depts of despair with clarity of mind and keeps me active exercise with in all of my time in beauty life!

People who are really struggling with those behavioural difficlties, it must be really challengirg,so their struggle and give them something to blams. I hope they will be getting better soon to few my friend.

I've always wished I could be one of those I can cook complicated dinners for 5 people st the Japanies Christmas dinner four,and the highest number of different food stufts I'd managed to have ready to serve at the same time was three potatoes Chicken, cauliflower for what it worth!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sometimes on the Tv  show I feel so happy about love of the Argentinjsn's all dance. The really have fast and beautiful stilyle of dancing..Eyes make-up my good peffection was still those memories makes an confirmation reality.

The out door freak fast to wind-up the clean all of it was a great expenrience. The birdecd are and bird poop make a read mess! but then we love to watch the bired.

I have many wonderful people here I mast had here in few years, Some guys to help connect of face book I am glad be back in nature of the sounds of water falls strange birids were all around in my back yards.

                                  I have few nice day because no raining few the sunneday.

                                     My friens a all times I've chosen fairly advanced exerises.
                                     This positive out come fell days time.