Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lovely Day

I has the medication I could try corticosteraids in sted- available in cream or drop form only cricumveny such nauser and sensitivity to light and noise this time I had ear wax remover for earchear use for 5 days I was very happy with my ear today.

A feature of againg is the amount of time spent looking back at the old day which I conflss is chastering-as I like to think of myself as same sort of agelessny mph happily tucking in to green alkaline juice.

Now I'm down on the beach every chance I get paddling in the shllows in my big black mum -togs and my sun shirt,sun hot and sun shorts. I suspect I look like learing spotlight in few days.

I really aware of the daily basis and all my familey with Christmas time and be back my golfing day.
All my friends a wonderful Christmas time!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

big list

Some time exercise is a chore I defe anyone for and focus to fit in a simply my earclear EAR WAX
one right one that why I never fit in a workout it simply it happens to in the weekend.

I was thinking about my phone was an incoming The splaher phone because I used my right hand Ears when the Summer time about August. Why the answering system is not much volume...

I choose the word lean deliberately, because a healthy mind and body with good food and regulor my exercise in golfing sofar only two time winning after all my tooth implants 15th August.
after that not same as 2011 ago...first I need to appreciate that to live in a first world country.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Enjoy life.

Today finished for the my golfing day it is so relaxing have at my blog as always just finished for the day. The rain has come back again I can small the rain on the grourd but it was much higher on the mound our spirit is hoping for the rain always looks good really gorgeous!

I was very happy with Fox sports are beautiful to wating golf and Tennis also my brain active and try to real more enjoy all my frinds too.

Stay Healthy and I'll keep so hard that make up our everyday live bubbling along happily at the same ways Yes I do!

Monday, December 1, 2014


my health can be unpresicatable I got comfort from the fact good food and exercisl give it the best chance, I can at least my Doctor give me a combinetion of te following treatment Allergen avoidance medications, high-stength nasal corticosteroid spray and non- sedating onal histmines, Non medicated yreatment such as salinl spray. Immunotherapy.

This years I used Daivobet 50/500 get while my hair is still dry after the exoiry date will be 3 months will be ok. always about three month in summer time. I was thinking of Andrew's young children Millie and Jack.are same too.

Life enhanced with a bit of regular sweet and this flows on to  all other aspects of  all good friends
with me.                                        George's Boy     Morgan  
                                              George's      Yvette & G-Mum
                                                                       6 years ago in Osaka Japan

                                                      Andrew"s       Jack & Millie

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Katie Isabella: What Do I Have to Do to Get What I want? The Link Werks Now We Fink. Fanks for the Warning aAbout Broken Link

Thank you for your idea? your trying to do great foods again  Don't worry, each your you will get better after this Bress your heart for already achilning what you do!
remember Love to you both!
Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Better Health!

Families get together more often this time of year to enjoy hot days and be thankful for what we have.

I won a golf tournament recently my friend 33 and my 34 countback 19th November at my golf Club.

I feel so much better in myself as I am in control of my body.

Thank you for your visit, and your encouraging thoughts and words.  They mean a lot to me.

My front garden, where I have Roses, Japanese Maples and many other beautiful trees and shrubs , where I spend a lot of my time.  My back yard is a lot larger but less to do.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spring Summer

I have been struggting to write my blog and vist other side of the globe but I'm with today...
When I wake up in this morning which I do frequently,it's just a night mare that never gole away.
It was the horror of having to think.

I saved my strength for myself I have almost everyday in here...I can complained because we had dry weather in the few month because my hayfever has it dry skin for 3 month.

The Telfast tablets once a day I could be get thise mess untill ...My mood started lifting and within a couple of weeks I feeling of my satisfied with life. Followed by a green tea...

My golfing was still So far, so good but I don't playing the hot days.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Good old myway

I don't mind commencial and indeed,watch films  One on commercial TV for as long as six minutes.
I might to do give our all my homes the bedroom a good cleaning just dropped in after 1000ng times though all this while I was down with so much of work.
Some bone grafts fix my teeth fow years. with out play with my golf for over years.

Today I can do all days But not 100 thing not suppot very well yet..I hope no more raining to wolking my ways for few time something construstive to do all time with me.
In good helth and with no dependants the I still liveng at home.
I driving with caution is have been with very focusing healed well.

There are days when I got Oh I wish I could turn back the clock's a bit we all have those days.
Hollowhiin house time with Andrew's children.


                                                                    Millie and Mary

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Hallowhiin house!

You are lots of effots with lifelong of comfortiable Jack and Millie has beautiful bike for comfortiable of conditioning for your beautiful life.
The bike and looked up at the gentle up hill stople and faced south with a very old house.

So many time have we been caught out some people to keep focaused on the positives when the negateve come...

The opporataity many turn question the answer elusine and sky held in the heart.

When I had family and frinds we had grateful all the years....still beautiful time soon YES!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Style!

The course made a big difference to me what I've learned laily sustainable and now if I have issues,I know how to work around them, I also know that if I do fall off the rails.
It only takes a couple of days to get myself straight again.

All the food was ourishing and cleansing, I'd been living on we ate vegerables,then added proterins such as eggs or fish ad then finally various non processed grains.

Everyone's life has suplrtalivl moments times when we feel extraondinary and our experiences,
are record in technicolor It part of the human condition. When my Michiko's Blog was July 2005 and still is small ways.

I'm golfing more working hard my hand rest on my shoulder and if it my turn to win those are the swing thoughts to carry with me. my Golf life time with me.
First one wining was 26-3-1980. and Last 14-12-2011 after the days I has very bad brain jnjury I got myself sick leave in hospital until 31-12-2012 .after  was wining 27-11-13. and 27-8-14 won  Now I love the photos around what genial idea with me. These mylife was most of days now.

                             Jack - Millie  with  Mum.Dad.  Andrew-Vanessa


Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Friends!

I really enjoyed the golfing with my friends but the few times set went my love frind was wining.
That look good,and that fit her personality are a wonderful confidence,

One days she was spend like a day in the best thing about Summer, the picnics and parties rand how much other few people relax instead find a way of new thimgs I understandings.
my friends are even better for me things should start to make sence with me .

I could learn a lot as well  Appreciate as have a wonderful time.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Right OR Left-Handed

What it says about you? Why do some people use their right hand while others favour the left? And how can it affect your life? we look at some research into the great left-right divide By Sarah Marinos.

Sporting advantage : If I am a right -hander or right -fter and come up against a left-handed opponent, I'll find it harder to win because I 'll be less famillar with a left-handed competior's moves and tactice. Some people also suggest the wiring of a left-hander's brain gives them an edge in hand-eys coordination and better balance-both valuable on the Sports field.

right handed sports people need both sides of the brain for these tasks which can add a tiny FRACTION OF A SECOND to Their reaction time.

Injury risk: Off the road,however, right- handers are less likely to unintentionally injure themselves..
If you're right -handed,you're probably not seen as being as clumsy..this is me...
More parents of Left- handers rated their child as "More clumsy than average"
we seek advice from the experts.

Did you know that being left or right-handed is probably determined before birth ? Or that research is linking left or right-handedness with a range of lifestyle and health factors?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hugs a Happiness

Don't just leap out of bed first thing better fitness in hug my partner, I get while hugging immediately starts my day off right and according to nevro lconomist myself hugs is the perfect number to keep it high with my friends.

I started the hugging as a way to kelp people connect better to me and vice versa.
They almost always want hug only about one per cent of people have turned me down...that can severely limet our ability to funcyion day...

                                                  Japanese maple in front of my house

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A best fitness!

my exercise with I could be as simple as remembering the best time.
I had fun with I think about a positive experience more offen than those who don't get some workout gear for it will make I feel lighter and faster,

So I will want to get moving the help of my body it's easy to get frustrated and give up if I will too ambitious,so set short,medium and long term goals to stay on track it's all about how I use my time.
Also I remember the conversation because I was concentrationg so hard on my golfing as well.

Where I can choose to sit down and watch FoxTel - Golf &Tennis on TV or put on my runners and go for a jog around the block in our front of outside.  


                                                                                      From my Home bark yard 28-09

Monday, September 15, 2014

Best My Life!

I had a wonderful time I got some thing for my golfing with expected of them and some very strange results I can follow.
I would have questioned my choices and not I can't in prcvate to avoid accountability.
Simply doesnit have the suceess role of the more measured caculated,opproach needed in my golf.

It's all to do with memory,of course as it will be with all of us one day,but that's for another time.
I miss my ladys after I feel my last my illness,Good night my love friend!
Today was another raining day! Now I has time of  written for my dear friends.

Teach him to reflect on things!
Older teens don't want to be told what to do or how to live their life,but they're really happy to discuss things.So when something happens,like a case of bullying at school,take the opportunity to ask them what they think about that sort of behaviour and how they would have a acted in the same also allows them to ask questions.I'm always amazed by the perceptiveness of young people and thir ability to articulate complex issues.

                                                               G- Mum & Jack
                                                                  Millie & Jack

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simple Living!

WooHoo! While jumping up and down for joy all my dear friend.. I am so happy and these are not enough wonds to say how much this make me,Every body and the way I believe is true nothing bad is there,
and I am happy that don't have to worry anymor,

 I enjoy my golf and other stuff but I do like my flowers and work in my beautiful garden. Let hope I can playing golf for just like Won by me more soon....
These days are I had never easy with my golfing it was more rainning for too many days.
My friend dog name was Hemlet and Anson was my big one, they both I still remember very well!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

True Confidence.

I enjoy playing golf with my friend But I stopped playing for a little while because I was unwell and I can need keep practicing it by write my english too..I love bubble bath too love to run a short time.

so quite rereshed I don't have to worry anymore I can go out and emoy my golf and other stuff I do like plant myself.  I feel  Sooooo good when I lay awake thenking of my golfing if most of wines except any sweet drinking and a few days ago ( I won the 3 Mall Ambeose! Michiko & Linda & Robin.)

I think many people in the would that have a lot of creativity in them Enjoy.
                                            Morwell are nice place! I can follow to just nice place!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cold Winter!

It is winter and cold a downtime in the garden But there is planty of work to do in ween theirs I like to the photos because which hasn't changed it as happy I had lots of other people's picture and my Sis too...

When it's cold outside and the air is drils. I was messing around on the computer there a lots to but I'm not in the mood to do much.

It I died right now I would actually die all overe again at shame kniwing that someone would find me in this disaster.

I have's a sadness that can't be healed because that passion, that thing they wants to do more than anything else. is also the thing that will ultimately make them happy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My best day is not yet!

These days, one of the most selfless person because she totally understands why that is the way it is.
She totally understands why that is the way iy is, She appreciates it, she know there are things she can't make decisions about for today that she needs happens for to me?

I don't always feel like that... I do know I'm doing the right thing, It's not necessarity what I would have chosen to be doing at the time I would have chosen to be doing at the time? only exciting career challenges in my home.

I had dreams of travelling of taking that river cruise through Europe I could see the world go by, But I do think I'll get said of Bort still get to do it one day...
These are days when I go.. will I wish I could turn back the clock a bit,we all have those day..

Thursday, July 24, 2014


You know, you are more likely to catch cold in winter, but how else is your heath affected in CHILLY weather.

Here are 9 Winter facts you probably are not aware of.

(1) Internet searches for mental problems increase by 11 %. Interaction with others are important for mental health We also eat less heathily and are exposed to less natural light and have less vitamin D.

(2) You can exercise for 40 % longer in winter than summer.
The reason? it's easier to work out in cooler temperature than hotter ones.Your sessions use up that entra energy.

(3) Two thirds of light bulbs could trigger sore winter eyes.
Dark nights mean we spend more time living in artifcial light, therefore, it leads to eye strain and fatigue nbspto avoid this risk buy brightest bulbs you can and don't just rely on ceiling fixtures
to light the room.

(4) 38 % of migraine sufferers get winter migraine while you can't avoid the weather,migraines normally hit when you reach a thres hold caused by a build & nbsp   up of triggers.

(5) Below 18 degrees celsius (64.4 degrees fahrenheit) the becareful point for your heart.
When the indoor temperature drops below this is Australia the death rate goes up-particulaly in regard to nbsp;     heart problems.

(6) By the end of winter 58 % of the population of USA are deficient in Vitamin D.

(7) More people die in winter than summer.
About 376 people die in Australia every day in summer. but in winter that increases to about 432.
The reason, says the Australian institute for Health and welfare, is that diseases that affect the vulnerable like pneumonia and influenza are more preventable in Winter.

(8) You have about a third less fat-fighting bacteria in your system now. It's becoming increasingly clear that nbsp;gut bacteria play a role in balancing weight.

(9) 61 % of those who were hospitalised in the US last flu season, were aged between 18 and 64.
Why does this matter? because while we can't always know exactly which influenza strain will dominate in Australia.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The most Fun!

At the weather has been awful theres not must I can do...I'am concerred that all thing I miss for several weeks. It is winter and cold a down time in the garden but there in planty of work to do in next monthI ?...

I think laugh warm up for 30 minutes good full body efficiency.I wear whatever I like so I can literally dance like no one's watching that having fun makes on hour go quickly.

I don't like with golfing are not too good this month but I must working hard to back to bettter one..
Andrew & Mum and Jack &Millie.they going to few country and the USA for last.

                                                 Arrived in Venoce( Venezia) for few days

My back yard still every day has cold in the morning!

Saturday, July 5, 2014



Eat to live a longer and healthier life..Sue white finds out all about a facinating Japaness eating philosophy.

 I could eat my arms off you never want to get to this point.
Oh no I've left it too late to eat..Avoid this as it offen produces the what can I shoved in my mouth  
 immediately? effect.

Time to eat!
The beginning of hunger choose a snack instad if a main meal is more than two hours away,or wait and          let your body get  No 3 beafore eating.  

Neither hungry nor full ..The ideal point for your stomach Don't eat or the ideal poiny for your stomach.
Don't eat or snack now.
Non-hungry eating becomes tempting this is a con to consider what going on...
This is a con to consider what going on, Are you hungry or just tired. stressed or even hungover?
You've eating well.. slow things down so the brain and stomack have time. to communicate fullness.
Optimum fullness.

At this stage say no to extra servings if you're aleady feeling HARA HACHI BU,say No to dessert!
That uncmfotable feeling..of  having too much....
Roll me home, You can hardly move, getting to this is to be avoided like the all you can eat buffet at your favourite family Restaurat.

Mum . Jack .            

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My new day

I do more things around my into experiencing that time as slightly longer in the weekend a little bit more than in perfect moment for me. Even eating a new food or walking a different way to everyday.

Most of us spend a lot of my time thinking about the future and the past and pay little attention to I'am doing right now. today we have a relaxing food with  my friends. the colder winter weather time.
I 'am going away to Sydny for few days!

                                           A FRIEND DAY!

Monday, June 23, 2014

wish I understand

My  old  friends eyes are open to walking toward me they cant see me I feel uncertain her eyes search contact but no one answers.but it seems that no one can see me Is this a dreams?
I squeage my self No I'm still these I feel Pain for her.

                   George's Family Morgan,Yvette,Rose

White dress around my body that feels like a blur my feel no groud, It's like I'm floating people see me.
 It feels uncertain,wish I understood.

I think about bad eyes people was one of my friends has one eyes is going to closed...she can't driving her car's anymore.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Winter time!

It's getting a bit chillier possibly a bit wetter and definitely a bit darker cold feel as the best time to increase my golf feels lasier on cooler days! which makes this the perfect time to on my finess work harder or add some high -intensity sessions of sports.

It's only when I have to golfing that I get into the best possible day. I think it about very interesting commute it brought to memory of some ather ladt's we are think about given opportunities to help.

                                            jack, Millie, has friends elly!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

A rainong!

These day weather has been awful with rainning day for a month of days when I choose to live a healty life with all my friends. About New years has always been a wonderful time.that is last years...I have long run bushwalk the first thing I probably want to do it put my feel up and enjoy.

I have been feeling quite nortalgic there part few month I guess brough alout by the rain days.
Feeling a bit blak now than the weather tunned cooler?  I can played golfing without raindays was yesterday.
Bu I was very happy with FOX sports are beautiful to wating golf and Tennis.
I must not eat too much food!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My exist life.

If a relationship has to be a secret I shouldn't be in it.take a deep breath,it calms the mind.

Don't compare my life to others I have no idea what their journey is all about.

I'm more sensitive to my attitudes in the morning a bit too cold for getting up..but I can enjoy the part of my golf life that is good for me.

I have notilled my frind's have years between of hights and lows in single day the way I see it life should be about more than merely existing it was my life.

Take a deep breath,It calms the mind,it's never too late to have a happy child food but the second one is up to you and no one else.