Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Healthy FOOD.

The rlationship we havig became shockingly distorced into eating moore food not just volume.
Some of us have eation disorders-too much food ,or not enough food,
The natural balance of food as fuel has been disrupted.

You might need to drill down on what is motivating you to eat more food it's fine line beelween struggling though a world of "Disordered eating"and falling victim to developing on eating disorder our relves.

I always assumod I'd get some one who was a gentleman who was sporty and a good sence of fun.
Just thinking about better weather few days.Always strange for us to hear with BBQ time was good one. only few days. I know very will with remember my friends too.

It was todays! very cold 19" was with out sun's day...

      A beautiful evening ...what a lovely time we has still fantastic our good time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Smart Watch

My younger's girl was instead of an excetional school of exam time consuming process of idea tifying smart watches in an exam room.

Okey! I know exactly what hasn't happened here I'm looking to make some changes in mylife. But sometimes family members con be heavily invested in they not changing as doing so may interferl with their own life style.

We have health life it's everyone's responsibililty to be on top of that don't take my health for granted.

                       Honda Prelude  I has washing a few ours I had good idea!

                                                                Our sky's still darks....
                                                    Yvette's is school for more twe years.

                                                       Andrew & Mum in Japan few years ago.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

habits weather's

If I wan't competitive it will be great being able to do what I love walking had to all the time.
It was fantastic to when I was wining a golfers days.

I'am easily frustrated Especially in situation bad weather's When I'am doing something that makes time with which I can't fully engage..Here though...

The super is always a few cents more than the regular I really love to watch TV.
I hate to be indoors this time of year in bad weather time.Most be in the winters time.

My younger's lady's and boy's are exams are not just about study habits.They're also about effective preparation. they need to be physically fit to play sports.

                                                                   Yvette and Morgan

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Holiday

I don't know why every one...That's nothing more complaint worth than our weather.
This cold snap hit I didn't wants spoil in the our home in Melbourne,
It did occur to me that is would take a lot more than 21 degrees to get an Aussie out in the park.
I was seeing port ofter port of hail and eain and exciamations of freegingners.
There's nothing more complaint worthy than
The forecasts of snow and hail photos of wet gumboots and broken umbrellas and winds crens I was expecting to come home to a snowstorm.

                               Climbing Roses and long lasting flowers in winter & spring time.

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Choose!

Well I spending more than I had increasingly indoors and our eyes have shifted to the computer screen... but nut too long time.

I had the bike for push the pedats with fitness for I had pedal to push down with one leg and pull up with the other my facus on knees up tols down of the best working heard.
I hope should be completely still my enogage explains in all my speedy good golf.

A still raining days..but TV on Tennis and golfing which of Especially these day in Australia.

The roses I has encourage strong flowering after we has bad weather in Sunmmares time.