Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Friday, March 20, 2015

Express Myself.

This opportunity may turn out to be just what I'd have been hoping for...I'll find that it anlarges in just the way I had hoped? I'm the kind of person who,if something  great comes through,
It like"Oh WOW Yes I've always wanted to that.

                                                                  Millie and Jack!

I need to keep a more watchful  eye on our young ones today I think more then our perents has to when we were growing up how to live independently!

A keen golfer,and with a fearsome reputation for smaching the semers around the region's I didn't want to lose it completely because that wasn't going to help tyler, you want to be functioning and you want to be same so you know exactly what's going on!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We need more rain's?

We has not rains for so many days...In fact with thowl rain drps of tears they even look pretter to me
It is so dark,Again it is pouring doun again...thinking about feel yeard ago some lady especially loved the photos with it's new gorgeous colorlooks great special Mushroom in the Netherlands.....

Today was very tired from being wide awake and taling with my friend nut going to outside...
I still remenber Tennessce ..whitttie spring golf course vailey view....
When I had the accident,last few years ago and I was very happy time with my bodys now But we need more raining soon my garding was nothing flowers....

Jack  was at still boys it easy to remember things big and small from his everyday life! soon at schools years.    Millie was nice memories makes like the rabbit cat it was lots of her expression in the Cat's!


.                                         That was very bad unusual HOT weathers all the time!                                            

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love the game!

I have struggled with stress and anxilly most of mylife but to sleep better,worry less and relax more I want to let go of the my golfing.

The experlence the in the morning which intensified my stress levels but I relaxed during the fine minutes, the 30-minute time was getting better by a big improvement in my golf.

I also improved my diet good foods eating more fresh fruit and vegetables exercising first thing in the morning was good chore my body.

I get up helf an hour earlier to prepare the juice and a healthy breakfast which is usually muesli with rice milk.

A few thing writting in here,  
It was such a long day I think that break I do more practice was good for me! I still love the game enough to work really hard at it and I know that I'm still good play it.

I had few good times with my frinds we are winings! 25/02/15.