Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lapred Exercisers!

We know that lapsed exercisers would always lose the weight ferter then someone who thought a cross trainer was a very upset footy coach ,
That was duly illustrated when rachel frederichson who has an otheretic back ground.

My memories over to the sweetheart How we can styl danceing I feeling good to see some one?
all my love to bring back some romance and quality to the daily life of other lsplcially at time.

Second is a bit of physiolongical weirdness we call muscle memory.
They're muscles for gawd's sake. It"s so easy to walk away from exercising other a break remind myself that my body is working with my physical comeback!
My friend flowers!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Fo the past decade or so,my wish for myself has been pretly consistent:I want to be happy and content (Also to have good hair) every night without going weight.But I digress. who of us doesn't want to be happy and content? Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping for a miserable, unsettled day.And certainty none of us with for a sad and difficult life.

Of course,happiness and contentment look different for everyone.for some it might meant adventure and thrill seeking for others it might mean security and stability for me, it looks a lot loke success and love.
gor most of us bowever, continued.

Everything is fleeting we achiwve one good and then look to the next.we fall modly in love and then the possion fades We love our friends.


Monday, March 10, 2014

A beautiful day!

We having my friends happing night was very latea night was two closk night.
I with near dazen girefrends from golfing this morning after that to a monthiy Movie..relation ship for many years Man'a like hand bags you can go with a dinner  party I can do what ever I want to .. I don't have to ask I'd rather be single and happy than in relatinship...

I like bright inside house with back vicw for distansc clean wingdow and compact neat garden walking the  beach anything unit side sports.
Dancing rectavrant at dete time I'd like to have sea view. Jack was here!
                                                                              my friend!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Please don't send me on holiday this has to be one of the least-used  sentences in the English language..
We had a lovely chat about worman never talking time out for themselves/only diagnosing health issuse.

There's no one to feed the dog/water the garden/look after with all my friend.The kids boy and girl (aged five and  seven would not be scarred for life indeed,a week accompanied by The Sound of Silence would be preferoble to the Ring Cycle of "Eat your bloody breakfast".Teddy", if you get nits again, I swear I'll shave your head" and "For god's sake, would you both please shut up"

He would look after the dog and garden,but hubby is more than copable of feeding and watering himself.

Suddenly I responded viscerally I don't deserve it Now this has to be one of the most used sentences in the English longuage,especially by woman."

 Learn  to the wish words of toddlers. They're like little Buddhas:living in the moment and laving themselves
But handy to keep in mind the next time We start a sentence with "No thanks,I couldn't possibly....