Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My started I've been I discover (11-2-2006)

I was great surprise at recently on  Featuring My MSN space.  I started July 2005.
Sponsored has open a world of new people for me to communicate with thank you for making his possible   gave me an encouragement by Volvo for life.
Michiko's space still outgoing Aussie who likes golf,gardening.( not too many friends anymore)
Dear   BETH.MARIE'S Little Bitty Space Between her grand-kids and photography  she is definitive  the happy of  spece life.

MSN spaces has open a would of new people for with BITH MARIE to communicate with thank you  for making her possible  and gave me an encouragement.

I've been away for New Zealand a weeks. When I got home I'd been working hard to trying to vist me friends.
Spaces there I discover that something had been happening  in my space?

I found it very slow and I just can get to my friends spaces, When I wrote my comments then click on to leaving my comments that is was unbelievable just stuck for a long times.
I 've time to make a cup of tea? well I guesses for everybody so, wait see..

As you know while I'm in New Zealand that after an engagement party we were looking for the wedding places for looking..One day we look for nine places and some places are already book out for this time of next years.
They want to celebrate on top of hills with beautiful view down to the lakes. It is calm day.
These time they has two children now and very happy times.