Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Friday, October 26, 2012

I had reality good day!

My friend is a gorgeous! she reality and the photo-graphs collide in a way that is just right, I can either choose to let this beat me,or I choose to continue to live my life, and will continue to do so.
That life includes tending my garden and my delight in cooking at home.
As well as eating out for today's lunch time.

She seems to share that displaying genuine interest in others,taking would play sport on Saturday mornings love to the days.  I wish one of the many reasons I can do that much playing my golfing.
We are still having a raining day, I just has enough for me.  


Friday, October 19, 2012

All my friends!

I am glad all my friends always been there with supporting words and you caring and yes I do get easily emotionally involved. I have been using my head and I need to take my time and not hurry.
I wish for all the goodness that I will writing thank so much for caring It sure has helped me to get this far.

we has a bad raining days for so many days this years. today is again.
But  next month I hope the flowers and hers picked from my garden  and add tea -light candles to create a sparkle on summer evenings. Just fold it up and let in the gorgeous sunshine!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writing can actuality improve your health!

1. Writing can help clarify our thoughts.

My authors postulated that was because writing about key values make participants happy about key values make participants happier.

2. Writing can clear your mind.

I know that information is stored over there so I don't need to store that in my head, which means your brain can relax. Interestingly he says.. This is actually our brains way of trying to look after ourselves by aiming to remember everything. But we don't want to remember everything at night.

3. Writing can help you lose weight.

While the others gained weight.  The authors postulated that this was because writing  about key, values  made participants happier  And we all know the better you feel the less likely you are to turn to food for comfort.

4.  Writing can make you feel good.

People who blogged displayed better self esteem than those who didn't; they also fared better emotionally than those who write in a journal.  According to Adler, the added bonus of making you "feel heard " just as muscles need to warm up before exercise, your brain also needs time to warm up.
Michiko said :  "I was thinking what to write in my blogg, when I saw this article, and I realised that every time I write something to my friends, I always feel better and sleep well that night".
Thank you all, for being my friends.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The sun enters sign today.

Today was my excitement 1 th of October I would be back again,but with a much clearer head this time around. I know exactly what I want, now I know my failings as a person and what I valve in my self.
I'd also wait longer and make sure that I really believed for all the time.

I describes comment  it happened easily on the last February but with a much clearer my teeth.
I can't not setting for anything less than what I can the way to my teeth.
17-August. I has 5 teeth (Bone Grant).
26-September.Dental Implant but one teeth for the following expected in  21-November surgery.

The my doctor will has good works on 21- November.  I really hope to be a very happy day.
I'd also wait longer and make sure that I really believed it.
Really glad that it happened early on being a month time it actually propelled me for word.