Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Monday, November 25, 2013

A golfing back!..

It has been a long time and it well take more time will my therapist to get back to my time.. Physically..
I am OK but I'am suffering  from after a beemp on my head. but not anymore!!
It is very trustrating and time consurming.

I was enjoying in my computer parts of in the my home. Beliene me I have the very same about certain I 'd be eating out and struggling to resist all the yummy food!

The last summer time has 80 degres  it most of time when I playing golfing time was too hot with me.
I like to be interest in the uture for sporting time.                                  

                                                                     Millie and Jack            
I've begun to look either permanently sad or angry while in repotse.Perhaps we can plaings in the raining days??  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Choice!

Now let me qualify it help to thinking of my body as a Honda Prelude it can be the most brilliant thing in the world when the engine is good awaful when that can is stalled at the lights the bonnet is up and you're asking.
I have strong bones good skin and almost never get sick. And I know that even If I lived myself up.


I'll take the best care of it I can and respect it for what it gives Back. I'm no thing special I'm just a person and Being successful mylif.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Summer's Deadly Herald!

I feels like spring has been stolens, A few tendes buds some stimmaring warm days for few days after that we had rainning for so many days in now but we has (mouthing off)
Sommer is not suppurid to start like this certainly this country.

And always will be this early applarance of its dertrictine power is so frightening to those of us who have lined through. Ash wendnesday lack saturd day or arlier calamities.

                                                                My Golfing space!

But these time are truly going to test us and I can just imagine the fearful memories that these fires have strred for those who went through so much terro in Victoria in 2009.

Dear Sis from America (Tenessee) Carole send to me the Calendar 2014. Carole+Michiko driving to Victoria!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sporting efforts

I was enjoying the more relaxed game of golf with all my friends. It's been good just and really good fun and a friendly atmosphere. We've got some really good golf people looking to move into and becoming exciting good golfers.

It's important I keep players into the club and playing this great game. We are talking on what we are doing depending on out ability, so that in a way everyone can enjoy it.

If I wasn't competitive it will still be great being able to do what I love, and I work hard all the time. It was fantastic to be able to play and keep winning along with other golfers.

The longer my day is, the more fixated I became ,if became reliable companion.
The very definition of frenemy it's like a strange comfort to me.

Golfing Days are fun for everyone.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Time to Exercise!

Lark or Night owl!
Find out what time best suit my to work out for an hour at last four to five times a week and shaks up my routine my mighy want to go to the Gem for an hour walk around the park or do a donce closs,
Lots of gyms now have many different closses finding out it  better in the morning or night also help.

These thing was until just few days before the raining all the days.
I'm enjoying on TV to watcthing the golf and the tennis with more important all the time.
At weather are more like to Smmer times now.