Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Monday, February 23, 2015

The sportiddy.

Consistency is the neam of the gamw,now and always and golfing competition most people enjoy summer because it's worm and nice for others it's a reminder of out amazing food,barbecues and fun times with family.and while I'm up for all that,there is one other certain something that tells me that,

There is one other certain something that tells me that the sun has shuffled down to the tropic of copricorn to bathe us Aussies in its light and love.

Sport,Oh yes,sport sportiddy sport the cricket,the sufing,the sccer,the cycling,the everything the sheer summer fabulousness that is tout human being pictched againd each other in a cavalcade of sweat,sunshine and spectacle.

It's easy to see theses sporting events as simply entertaining moment in time.
I like to works and test myself physically and emotionally. the don't stop,it's not even give up.. Carry on.And on my golfing always. eat well and always.And love sport

Todays had rain almot a thunder storm world pasy over with lots of rain after 12-00 oclock still more will raining...But I was very happy with Today's Millie's 7th Birthday!  23-2-2015.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What is weather?

Over the last 10 days it has HOT days and we are not sure how much longes it well last...
But tomorow will has raining day It sure is as I can't plaing my golf not my days..
Also my friends photos taken on dark and dreary day in cald winters times.

It help bring up my confidence myself. theses brains are not at all goun up but as I grow we adapt and caange ourself.

Life's all about choices I have been feeling quite nostalgia these no rains past few month weeks I guess brough about by the more then many days only few days....

                                                  Millie & Jack a very happy with always.

                                                           Millie's going to school first this years.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

All My Frinds!

It may feel like this summer is Hot than usual but that is only compared to last year's record breaking scorecher. The remmer of 2013-14 was burned into victarians memoriis because the state sweltered through seven days over three degrees(c).

I have recovered well aftere my serious accident and Implants for the bone graft Five The most interesting thing was the I A to a lot less taken I expected especrally lettis for me.
Thank you very much my son's with all young childrens too.
I still my golfing with all my friens but only some time few wining it not bad ..will be back to soon,

my summer and enjoying suinmming and sunbathing but there one weeks and very Hot today 76" of cloudy Feel like 76"..35"-18."

My driving with caution is all it takes to avoiding my driving very brave all the time.
I  have never sleot or closed my eyes todays ...may not e Hot?
Thank you every body all the years!

 Flowers with last years.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A have a fan

It's still dinner party time Yawwwn, maybe I'm a bit old for all this or perpaps my excesses golfing have been well. excessive this festive seasan,

I have to say that my behaviour at the new years month some time I fittess enthusiasts just need to let go after on entire year devoted to seef-control,

So here's my recommendation settle down and I have to say that eludes many of us during a year of careful eating and structured exercise rooth'nes.

I can eat what myself including all those forbidden goodies!!
also I feeling of satisfaction in my golfing was experience of my game.

My back yard special of excellent summer time.