Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life matters

I say to myself something of sometimes I have I spend to much worrying about too many things because we also need a break from our normal daily..stressful days. I don't want sweet foods to form past of my diet.

I 've always my exercising out side because I hate weather wind cold rainning all the days it's been 30 years of the golfing of exercise, but I'm sure, it's shoster cold weather is not helping that dark time for me ...not today..

Some my good friend had beautiful painting An Ant show she was very happy with husband too.
We playing good golfing for so many years and bloging for looking healthy life!
I still of my sport  completely out of mylife..
A feel people's so many years now that people have to believe it I stell my eys are fantastic to long away to see my golf bols. I had eating in the Japanese restrant!    

   This rose is a last month from outside my home.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Winter weather!

The rains years have taught me I sumply do not grow anything that did not survive when thing were really tough! However good or bad a situation is well change in miracles are wating for How many month ?
I love my food and love to cook simple food which in one of reasons I work hard to not get over wight. I had which Tennis was relative in the sport which reminds of especially these day.

That uncomfortable feeling of more staing home.It is getting chilly again the heating on to warm up the home. I think is going to be cold winter.

Last Augast summer's time NO Rain ..what so ever not happen and this winter's time the rainning most of time. nice to be other way around of raining..

Millie Jack with friends Five month ago  Millie's.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


When I playing golf with the competition I want to best other women at same way in  my club. I had spend placting .but I choose to live a healthing life this year I'm learing to create other few my frind and some lady's are change their habit it doesn't matte...

If other do it differently-what will help me to is all that count my good life I had Vitamin D3 for one every day my docter's told me yesterday I had so happy day.
my health exercise relaxation accomplisment organisation and relationsships my familys.

I has beautiful spease...lovey one there to my golfing a little one too...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Break habits

Today's it is so relaxing with my blog as always that is so good to do, but winter's time I am not well..
My golfing continus to head from my brain injuny? my strerstal as a lot of things are going on at once.
That is becoming more difficult to find.  I began to make changes from new habits.
my body and avoiding the foods that made me making me feel good.

I have put a few comments on my photos I enjoyed so much somethings it is not what
camera clieks so much as what the photogra pehas sees through in camera.

                                                        Cold weather's all days!
                                                        Andrew & Jack & Millie