Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Hallowhiin house!

You are lots of effots with lifelong of comfortiable Jack and Millie has beautiful bike for comfortiable of conditioning for your beautiful life.
The bike and looked up at the gentle up hill stople and faced south with a very old house.

So many time have we been caught out some people to keep focaused on the positives when the negateve come...

The opporataity many turn question the answer elusine and sky held in the heart.

When I had family and frinds we had grateful all the years....still beautiful time soon YES!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Style!

The course made a big difference to me what I've learned laily sustainable and now if I have issues,I know how to work around them, I also know that if I do fall off the rails.
It only takes a couple of days to get myself straight again.

All the food was ourishing and cleansing, I'd been living on we ate vegerables,then added proterins such as eggs or fish ad then finally various non processed grains.

Everyone's life has suplrtalivl moments times when we feel extraondinary and our experiences,
are record in technicolor It part of the human condition. When my Michiko's Blog was July 2005 and still is small ways.

I'm golfing more working hard my hand rest on my shoulder and if it my turn to win those are the swing thoughts to carry with me. my Golf life time with me.
First one wining was 26-3-1980. and Last 14-12-2011 after the days I has very bad brain jnjury I got myself sick leave in hospital until 31-12-2012 .after  was wining 27-11-13. and 27-8-14 won  Now I love the photos around what genial idea with me. These mylife was most of days now.

                             Jack - Millie  with  Mum.Dad.  Andrew-Vanessa


Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Friends!

I really enjoyed the golfing with my friends but the few times set went my love frind was wining.
That look good,and that fit her personality are a wonderful confidence,

One days she was spend like a day in the best thing about Summer, the picnics and parties rand how much other few people relax instead find a way of new thimgs I understandings.
my friends are even better for me things should start to make sence with me .

I could learn a lot as well  Appreciate as have a wonderful time.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Right OR Left-Handed

What it says about you? Why do some people use their right hand while others favour the left? And how can it affect your life? we look at some research into the great left-right divide By Sarah Marinos.

Sporting advantage : If I am a right -hander or right -fter and come up against a left-handed opponent, I'll find it harder to win because I 'll be less famillar with a left-handed competior's moves and tactice. Some people also suggest the wiring of a left-hander's brain gives them an edge in hand-eys coordination and better balance-both valuable on the Sports field.

right handed sports people need both sides of the brain for these tasks which can add a tiny FRACTION OF A SECOND to Their reaction time.

Injury risk: Off the road,however, right- handers are less likely to unintentionally injure themselves..
If you're right -handed,you're probably not seen as being as clumsy..this is me...
More parents of Left- handers rated their child as "More clumsy than average"
we seek advice from the experts.

Did you know that being left or right-handed is probably determined before birth ? Or that research is linking left or right-handedness with a range of lifestyle and health factors?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hugs a Happiness

Don't just leap out of bed first thing better fitness in hug my partner, I get while hugging immediately starts my day off right and according to nevro lconomist myself hugs is the perfect number to keep it high with my friends.

I started the hugging as a way to kelp people connect better to me and vice versa.
They almost always want hug only about one per cent of people have turned me down...that can severely limet our ability to funcyion day...

                                                  Japanese maple in front of my house