Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Keep an eye on pets.

It was for the past few weeks,I have been enjoying  watching a wattle bird  feeding and playing in our garden.Yesterday morning that bird's life came to a brutal end when it was sick by a neighbour's cat.
If you must keep a cat, please ensure it wears a large bell on it's collar and stays inside at night.
I'm all for the very cold positive movement then it's all smiles.
The age is reshaped to I liking it's will keeping watch for even more all the time.
I was worry about concerning all the time for all my dear friends.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Michiko san, that is a sad story. It does break my heart too when a bird gets hurt or killed by a cat. But it cannot always be prevented... Life is tough and only the strongest survive, especially in nature.
Thanks for your visits and comments! It means a lot to me, especially since I've been to your birth country Japan in July of 2007. FOND memories, always.
Love and hugs to you and remember to stay warm and cozy, you've lived through enough already so don't get a cold or any joint inflammation.
Mariette xx

Marijke said...

We have a cat Michiko san and she sleeps inside the house during night
and she is only outside when we are also. But its also nature
we cant prevent such accident as in ur entry Michiko san
tx for ur comment..I love it

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Well I try to keep my hunting cat out only at night when the mice and rodents are lurking around the house. He is in during the day when the birds are all around the house. He gets many mice and moles, but rarely get a bird. Life can be cruel sometimes. I try and hang my feeders out in open areas so the cats can't sneak up on birds also. My older cat these days just enjoys laying outside and sleeping all day in a shady place. Have a nice week. Hugs Carrie

Tamago said...

When I lived in Japan, I had three girl kitties and they hunted birds and many other things. When they brought birds alive, I used to release them. My kitties were not happy...haha. My boys here don't go outside but they enjoy watching birds a lot.
Have a wondeeful day, Michiko san!

Joe said...

It sure does help to follow some simple steps like putting a bell on the collar of your cat to make a difference. It's great to hear from you again my friend though this is a sad story.

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Hi Michiko, I was sorry to hear the fate of the little bird. Here in Ontario, Canada, we have a bi-law stating that cats are not allowed to run free outside without a leash, just like our pet dogs, but the law is never enforced. When ever I had a cat it was always an indoor cat.

Glad you are back blogging again and hope to find you well.
Dianne :)