Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

turning a negative into a postivie!

When I am thinking of getting a thought and turning it from a negative into positive thought it means my life must be inproving!!!  I'd like to make the importance of knowing what I want as well as planning for the choices that I make, whether it is going to be for the day or for the week.

I'm enjoying the golf that I play and the interaction with the people that I play with. The exercise of both walking and talking with the people is more important than anything else.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Michiko,
So glad to read that you're back to enjoying your golf and much needed interaction with others. That really does lift us up!
We did visit last week Thursday with dear friends. We drove two hours to have lunch with them. It was well worth it; we all need that from time to time. Doing some shopping and spending the night at a hotel made for a lovely day; relaxed and good for the soul. On Friday I drove back home in 2-½ hours.
On Saturday we had a lovely symphony orchestra perform at our local theatre. Great week!
Hugs to you,

Mei said...

Hope you're not angry, I am trying my best, I am spending too much time with my No 2 hubby(my laptop). I will blog when I can. Have a happy Wednesday my friend. Take care. Mei

Michiko Johnson said...

I find myself spending uncharacteristic moments of introspction events my golf about conversations in my frends couples and even I hope very soon will be one day was my golfing day???
you are very happy your day too Mei!

orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Michiko-san,
Oh,"turning a negative into a postivie!"!!! How wonderful♡♡♡  I soeties feel so negative, when things are not going well. And I wish I had more interaction with others p;)

お友達と楽しい時間の持てるのは、本当に素晴らしいですよね。 ゴルフも頑張って下さいね。 まだ余り寒くないと良いですが。

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Tamago said...

I like positive thinking! Turining negative into positive is fairly easy if we have positive attitude.
Glad you are enjoying golf, and talking & walking :-)

Here I Am Carrie said...

Way to turn the the day around into something positive. Glad you are golfing again. Been a long road for you.