Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September day.

I was trusted in the Fathers Day I can understand with you so much your feeling with you ANDREW! 7th day -8th OK Day,   I'am so happy with you today Just you will be quite busy nice to see you about today I will be expecting you this now.
Theses days was always happy day.

When I have poor health that some time become negative thought in my heads,I needs have positive thinking is great help I has been one, Not negative D=
I love to be back nice weather soon... We had from about 5 month of raining all the time soon more cold winter time...

Most of days I don't bather with make up at all anyways I figured OK .It makes me smile to remember vividly those things,
I had Shper 2000 Trim Tone Total Aerobics. I can used for One hours time.


Tomoko said...

Michiko san,
Sounds you are having good days. Please be positive and enjoy your time. I have noticed that your photos in the side bar is renewed. You have such a beautiful family! My granddaughter's birthday is coming soon. I will go to Osaka to buy a birthday gift for her. I will post photos of Osaka for you, next month. Happy new week to Michiko san.

Michiko Johnson said...

Tomoko San!
Thank you so much for help me I had Tamago San Ochid Miyako san Please otomodachi ne will be very happy with us Tomoko San.

Tamago said...

Negativity won't make anything better. It's important to stay positive!
Have a wonderful day, Michiko san.