Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"
Behind my house "Cat Jump Park"

Friday, April 21, 2017

My Hearts,

When I was a small girl these years of age I had unpretentious of I had lost my Mum in wartime too.
The Mum's younger boy's are very good for me after wartime until not many years...This kind of recognition is all the more remarkable since I thought that my career would and at my 50.
The sameness and repetition of my days are painfully dull.

I move between wishing the mines away to how I can possibly get everything done.
I  have phased where I'm very disciplined, but some point it all falls apart. Now I get into the best possible shape myself has a good my life days.
Thank you for everybody!    

                                                                Millie & Jack


Katie Isabella said...

Sis, I am proud of you and how you have come so far and done so well. That does take discipline and strength and you have those two things in abundance.

Keeping fit by keeping active as best we can is very very important. I am so glad you do this as often as you can...playing golf or perhaps like me, having a walk.

Always thinking of you...and it is YOUR turn to drive over. Country Club is waiting for us.

Sis, Katie Miyuki and Victoria

Tamago said...

Keeping the best shape is important both physically and mentally!
Great photo of Jack and Millie. They are both adorable:-)

Äppelblom said...

Hello Michiko!
I hope you feel good.
Here in Sweden we are waiting for spring, but today it was snowing again and I don´t like it.
I don´t write so many times in my blog, but I hope I shall do it later. I write in instagram every day and there my name are @agni48 or @strand78. Do you have instagram?
I´m sorry - my English is not so good!
Hugs Inga